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Teresa Jacobo, Ex-Bell City Councilwoman Sentenced to State Prison For Two Years

Ex-Bell Councilwoman Jacobo is heading to prison for the next two years.

Ex-Bell Councilwoman Jacobo is heading to prison for the next two years.

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper

Former Bell City Councilwoman Teresa Jacobo was sentenced today to two years in state prison and ordered to pay more than $242,000 in restitution to the city, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.

Jacobo, 61, is the third of five former council members to be sentenced in a massive public corruption case that nearly bankrupted the city of 35,000.

Deputy District Attorneys Sean Hassett and Edward Miller with the Public Integrity Division were seeking a four-year prison term.

Jurors in March 2013 convicted Jacobo of five counts of misappropriation of public funds. In April of this year, she pleaded no contest to two additional counts of misappropriation of public funds to avoid a retrial.

Jacobo, along with former Mayor Oscar Hernandez and former Councilmembers George Mirabal, George Cole and Victor Bello, were convicted of stealing a total of nearly $1 million.

Jacobo was appointed to serve on the Bell City Council in 2001 and served continuously until April 11, 2011, when she was thrown out of office by voters.

When she was first appointed, she earned $434 a month. In four short years, she was earning $62,000 annually after she and other council members illegally increased their pay and created sham boards that rarely met or only met for a few minutes a year.

“While Ms. Jacobo’s sentence of two years in state prison won’t make up for all of the harm she caused, it at least offers the people of Bell some measure of justice,” Hassett said.

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