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Pacifica Services Employees Removed From Central Basin Water District Offices After LCCN Expose

By Brian Hews and Brian Hews

(Commerce)~ Officials at the Central Basin Municipal Water District have cut ties with Pasadena based Pacifica Services on Monday just three days after Los Cerritos Community Newspaper revealed that the private company had made in excess of $5 million during the past six years.

Sources tell LCCN that at least four contract employees with Pacifica Services were escorted out of the Central Basin headquarters on Washington Boulevard in Commerce on Monday by a private security detail.

The security detail could be seen carrying boxes of the four Pacifica Services employees “personal belongings” to their individual vehicles to a gated enclosed parking lot.  

Pacifica Services is owned by Ernest Camacho who is one of the biggest political contributors to elected members of the Central Basin Board of Directors for the past decade.

More details to follow.

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  • Mike Tyson says:

    Watching those do-nothings from Pacifica leave brought tears to our eyes today. Things are really beginning to change here and once again, why is it always as a result of the press, and not those elected officials who make fools of the voters? Those four jokers from Pacifica made off with over $5000.00 EVERY DAY they were in our offices. They sat around their desks in OUR OFFICES and bullshitted. laughed and smoke one cigarette after another while they looked at us like fools for actually having to do work.

    Seeing Bob Apodaca finally defeated this afternoon coming out of closed session was truly stunning. We were so hoping that fat bastard would finally have a heartattack and die right here in the building we were giddy! LCCN needs to PLEASE expose the crocked contracts and overbillings of Pacifica once and for all as well as the cash Apodaca, Roybal and Vasquez received for trying to swept this under the rug. Much of that money was from federal funding. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Coco Nunez says:

    I only hope the Feds and the LA District Attorney’s office are paying attention. These crooks should be behind bars.

  • Ron says:

    The next time any of those overfed, lazy employees work will be the first time! Most of them waste hours waiting for free food then go in their office, close the door and take a 2 hour nap!
    By the way – they were NOT escorted out, I really doubt if anyone knew they had left or when!
    Once again you have published your normal rubbish!!

  • Ron says:

    By the way – Mike Tyson (alias) is anything but!!
    He is really a short little gay boy that hides from everyone!
    Even his female boss!

  • Walter Cronkite says:

    This is going to get nasty! Ernie Camacho doesn’t play fair and everyone knows that. You don’t lose $1 million a year for doing $200,000 in work and just expect a poor guy to just go away.

    The El Rancho Unified School District election in Pico Rivera will be Pacifica’s next battleground. Those poor suckers have almost $60 MILLION IN BOND proceeds just sitting there waiting for a heavy donor (like Uncle Ernie) to pocket.

    When will people learn that this sick game will never go away as long greedy people like the concept of easy money.

  • Mike Tyson says:

    I didn’t say you were escorted out Mike (Ron), but I am Mike Tyson because I’m still standing and you are out on your ass! I win and nobody will hire you now.

  • C Rodriguez says:

    It’s clear there are no journalistic standards at work. Was any fact checking done on anything in this article? This so called “press” was not responsible in revealing anything. The article and most of the comments are fueled by anything but truth-seeking. Conduct yourself better. There are people’s families to consider. There are livelihoods at stake. There was no security detail. There were heartfelt good-byes betwen members of the staff and Pacifica employees. And they carried their own boxes. Grow up. Conduct yourself better. Expect more of yourself. And reporters – get your FACTS – corroborate them with at least two sources before you publish. This is your professional obligation. Do Better. All of you.

  • Mike Tyson says:

    You jokers can kick and scream and spin all day long…who carried who’s box, who said goodbye and who was jumping up and down in their offices…WHO CARES! What you DON’T dispute and you CAN’T deny was that this newspaper broke this story on FRIDAY and you guys were booted on MONDAY. That’s a fact! SIX YEARS OF PUTTING UP WITH YOU CHUMPS AND THIS NEWSPAPER GOT YOU BOOTED IN THREE DAYS! “Sure honey, it was just another day at the office” is EXACTLY what you said when you got home:)

    And speaking of your “families”…I’m sure you went home and cheered up the family with “heartfelt” farewell speeches you received all night long, but how about coming clean and fessing up to being DO NOTHING crooks whose boss bribed and paid off elected scum like Apodaca, Roybal and Vasquez!! Why don’t you tell Junior at home that the District Attorney is all over this and that the FBI, yes the FBI notified the District that they want to interview half our staff!

    Cry me a river Mike…….

    • C Rodriguez says:

      This is not Mike. H.R. is aware of who you are and what you are saying and putting out into the public domain. Your remarks reveal how ill informed you are. And the truth does matter. And the truth will out. You are embarassing your coworkers….but mostly yourself. ? Don’t speak of other people’s families. Never ever speak of other people’s children. Do Better. Conduct yourself Better. You too will be held accountable. You are ill informed and making an ass of yourself.

      • Mike Tyson says:

        ILL INFORMED? Really, ill informed! You obviously are clueless Mike which is exaclty why you NEVER saw this day coming. I’ll have HR issues?? You left out the JK right? Like our new GM is a fan of your brillance and engineering expertise, now DON’T YOU EMBARRASS YOURSELF:) Ok, I’ll concede you still have Dave in your corner (you’ll sleep good tonight I’m sure:))

        That fat pig Apodaca really screwed the pooch this time and he can’t save Uncle Ernie any longer. His days of firing those who questioned all those sickening contract extensions are over. His bank accounts, Caroline’s bank accounts, are ALL fair game for the feds.

        Who looks like the ass now Mike…

        • brian says:

          Please remove the account name. Not a public figure who is implicated or involved. Private person.

          Thank you