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Embattled Huntington Park Councilwoman Rosa Perez responds to “Americans” comment

Huntington Park City Councilwoman Rosa E. Perez, through City Attorney H. Francisco Leal, issued the following exclusive statement to Hews Media Group on Thursday afternoon.

Huntington Park City Councilwoman sounds off on "Americans"

Huntington Park City Councilwoman sounds off on “Americans”

“It is unfortunate that individuals with a specific agenda have misconstrued my comments during a recent city council meeting to advance their personal agenda.
“During my remarks in response to a resident’s comments to local water rates, I used the term ‘Americano’ to denote those individuals who were in power when the first contracts were signed.
“For those in the know, “Americano” is a term sometime used by Spanish speaking individuals of Anglo descent or Non-Hispanic living in the United States. It was in no way meant to be used to delineate individuals who are American “by birth or naturalized” from those who are immigrants. In retrospect I should have used any other term to describe the earlier council members who were not of Hispanic descent.”
“If I have offended anyone by the term “Americano” I apologize and would look to choose my words to describe non-Hispanics more carefully in the future.”
“For the record, I am a proud American citizen, by choice, and was naturalized in 1976. I love this country and the opportunities it has afforded me, my family and my constituents.”
“Contact City Attorney H. Francisco Leal at (213) 628-0808 with any additional inquires.”

  • John Q. Public says:

    Honestly, why does anyone, especially an elected official need to divide the community between “Hispanic” and “non-Hispanic?”
    Our elected leaders need to solve problems not create them!

  • Chewy says:

    Oh you mean The Francisco Leal came to this woman’s defense !!! That makes me feel so much better that “Punchito” himself come out to explain she didn’t mean to hurt our feeling. Are you kidding this guy has a track record that goes back to investigations in Bell Gardens city manger maria checon convicted , George Perez investigated , Maywood investigated for illegal check points , city of commerce sued and won $300k for over charging , Lynwood school district so on …. And all because F. Leal gave his legal advise . I be worry if I was Council woman Rosa Perez. GOOD LUCK. Hehe

  • Walter says:

    Floyd Farrar & John Q- you are idiots!!! Are you seriously going to waste your energy on the word “Americano”? I agree with Delgadillo, it was totally taken out of context. People like you two make me sick to my stomach. Get a life!

    • R.Alva says:

      I have lived in H.P. since 1964 coming from E.L.A.
      I was here in H.P. as an infant in ’51. My mother came here H.P. in 1942 from her birthplace Texas as my father we are American/Mexicans. Huntington Park has changed dramatically since the 60s and earlier. Culture class one might say but it is prevalent in the H.P. City Hall we all know that and was confirmed by an H.P. city hall official years ago.
      Rosa Perez is full of it and anyone who supports her is ignorant. We saw the changes here in H.P. and it was a lot better especially Pacific Blvd.
      The Latino politician in H.P. are worse than the American politicians there. THEY MADE HUNTINGTON PARK and other surrounding cities the latino as in Mexico are a bunch of crooks! without a doubt.
      The officials (FINALLY) are about to be recalled soon I hope if the votes are enough to recall.
      Maywood, Bell, Cudahy, South Gate & now H.P. are being exposed for corruption.
      Even American latinos left because of the culture clash coming from the south and the problems they forseen to come.
      I’m here because of a lack of money. But it sucks here compared to the past…it was beautiful and peaceful…not anymore.
      The people here need to wake up and get their heads out of their orifices out.
      The people of today were not here in those times and DO NOT know the difference of those times.
      These immigrant politicians are crooks as in Juan Noguez, Albert Robles etc. This is normal in their native country. These people will take advantage of their own people for the dollar.
      If people like Walter is for these people-YOU ARE VERY STUPID WITHOUT A DOUBT and deserve to have these problems. That’s why everybody before who lived here left…I wish I had the money to.
      In the New England states this kind of corruption would not take place the citizens there keep an eye on their politicians they voted in.

  • Manuel Delgadillo says:

    Like always the comments made by Huntington Park Councilwoman Rosa Perez will be taken out of context because she used the word “AMERICANO.” Next thing is that someone will consider it an ethnic slur and cause even a bigger fuss.

    I will try and explain in short what Councilwoman Rosa Perez meant and I believe she meant “Prior Anglo Administrations running the City of Huntington Park.” But I think residents are missing the point for once I heard a Councilwoman letting everyone know that the decisions from previous councils and current problems facing the city are not her fault. Councilwoman Rosa Perez is trying to be clear.

    Look at former Huntington Park Councilman Noguez who is currently under investigation. Then there is the neighboring City of Bell, Cudahy and the disaster in Vernon. I believe they were “AMERICANOS too.”

    Huntington Park Councilwoman Rosa Perez corrected her mistake and I applaud her for trying to set the record straight but I still want to know where the council is spending and allocating city tax dollars AMERICANO or not!

  • linda says:

    Ms. Perez claims that twenty years ago the Americanos caused the problems that is present today. That is truly false, and she knows it. The statement is pure racist. Twenty years ago to be exact her husban Raul Perez, Luis Hernandez, and Ric Loya (three latinos) were the majority on the City Counsel. And from that year present the city counsel was all latino except for one.

    She does not have her facts straight. Also, contracts from twenty years ago as she states, have long expired.

    If you listen to the entire speach she gave, well she sounds like a very angery woman.

    She should step down. And to Walter and all those who feel she is correct, please check the cities records first and listen to the whole speach.

  • romina says:

    Thanks for finally talking about > Embattled Huntington Park
    Councilwoman Rosa Perez responds to “Americans” comment | Hews Media Group-Community News < Liked it!