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Barrows Alleged Assault Case Headed to DA’s Office Hearing Program-LCCN Publishes Police Report

The police report can be found at the end of this article.

By Brian Hews


The Los Angeles County District Attorney has decided not to seek charges against Cerritos Mayor Pro Tem Bruce Barrows after an alleged altercation involving resident and city council critic Jay Gray, but the embattled official is not out of the crosshairs of legal authorities.

Mario Trujillo, Assistant District Attorney confirmed to Los Cerritos Community Newspaper on Monday afternoon that his office will not move forward on the matter after Gray filed a “failure to prosecute” procedure last Friday.

“The District Attorney will not file charges against Mayor pro tem Bruce Barrows,” Trujillo told LCCN.


“The DA will refer the case per policy to a Office Hearing Program. The case will  be handled internally and informally in our office,” stressed Trujillo.

According to one website, Open Hearing is an administrative hearing that is conducted as an alternative to a misdemeanor criminal prosecution in Los Angeles County. The City Attorney Hearing Program is used as an alternative to criminal prosecution. A hearing officer (not an attorney) conducts this type of administrative hearing and there is no judge or jury present at the hearing. Witnesses for the defendant and or the alleged victim may testify at the hearing. Evidence presented by either side is considered by the hearing officer. At the end of the hearing, the hearing officer will determine whether to recommend to the City Attorney to proceed with criminal prosecution, dismiss the matter, or the hearing officer could leave the case open for one year before completely closing out the criminal case.

Gray and Barrows went head to head in a heated exchange at the Monday June 4 Cerritos City Council Meeting during public comments. Barrows said he was “defending the honor of his wife Teresa.”

Gray said the he was a “victim of assault” and that Barrows needs to admit “the truth” to “himself” and “the community.”

Cerritos resident Chris Fuentes lashed out at Barrows at the meeting and demanded the city council to “take action against Mayor Pro Tem Barrows.”

Barrows lashed out at the coverage of Los Cerritos Community Newspaper during the public comment section of the meeting.

No formal action was taken against Barrows by city council members, and it is unclear if the matter will resurface during a future meeting.

Copy of police report



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