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Noguez lashes out against CAPE union memos

By Brian Hews

Embattled Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez denied that he or his office had any role in the distribution of two memos from union leaders this past week that instructed employees not to talk to criminal investigators who are involved in one of the biggest investigations in the county history.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper published two emails from leaders of the California Association of Professional Employees this week that specifically tells Assessor employees to “Refuse to answer any questions or provide and information or documents to a District Attorney’s representative without a written order of the Assessor’s Office to comply.”

On Friday, after Los Cerritos Community Newspaper released over 130 internal emails from Noguez and powerful property tax agent Ramin Salari and others, Noguez fired out an internal memo to the nearly 2,000 employees in this office.

CAPE was one of Noguez most fervent supporters in his successful election effort to the Assessor’s position, contributing vast amounts of financial and volunteer support.

Noguez said “media sources have been reporting over the last day or two on memos issued by the California Association of Professional Employees (CAPE), the union representing appraisers.”

“The memos provide statements to its members that purport to be advice of your rights, responsibilities and alternatives regarding the current investigation of law enforcement authorities,” Noguez states.

“Please be advised that the Office of the Assessor had no role in sending out these CAPE memos. Nor does the Office take any position with regard to the advice of these memos.”

“It is the Office position that each employee should decide for him or herself how to respond to inquiries from law enforcement officials or the District Attorney’s Office. The Office will not interfere with that process anyway whatsoever,” Noguez says.
He then tells his employees “you need not seek permission or advice of your supervisor, nor are you required to report such communication with such authorities to your supervisors.”

Noguez then says “in short, how you handle any inquires are up to you.”
Noguez also says that he is “cooperating with the District Attorney and will continue to provide assistance and access and information falling under my jurisdiction.”

  • Assessor Employee says:

    When I got the email on Friday (since I work for the Assessor), I had to laugh because this idiot Noguez is now in a “cover my ass” campaign; and “throw CAPE under the bus” bullsh*t.

    Noguez should just keep his mouth shut.

    Great job, once again, Los Cerritos news!

  • Helen Duarte, Hawthorne says:

    Doesn’t CAPE and Noguez understand that this is the BIGGEST CRIMINAL PROBE in the past 20 years…and that comes DIRECTLY from the mouth of District Attorney Steve Cooley.

    You would think that they would just shut up and SAY NOTHING.

    This is like the Keystone Cops.

    Still amazing to see just now much Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has been able to accomplish on this series.

    Great great reporting….

    Heard you on the John and Ken Show on KFI on Friday.