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Rio Hondo College Superintendent Martinez announces resignation, retirement

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By Brian Hews

Rio Hondo College President Ted Martinez, Jr. has announced that he is resigning from the educational institution at the end of this school year.
In a statement released by Rio Hondo College  late Thursday afternoon, Martinez stated:

“As I conclude my 41 years of service to community college education, I have informed the Board of Trustees of my intention to retire effective June 30, 2012.”

“I am quite proud of our collective achievements these past five years. Together, we have advanced the Rio Hondo College reputation, academic programs, services to students, and our connections to our community. I am truly grateful to you for your support,” he said.
“It is now time for a new generation of leadership to take Rio Hondo College into the next 50 years, which will surely be filled with outstanding accomplishments.”
“I wish to thank the Board of Trustees for their support; our administrative team for your talent and leadership; the faculty for your dedication to student achievement; and to our staff for your commitment to supporting student success.”
Martinez was the the eighth Superintendent/President of Rio Hondo College. He grew up in Texas and earned master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Business and Economics from Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. He went on to receive a doctorate in Educational Administration from the University of Colorado in Boulder.
In the past he held a variety of administrative positions at El Paso Community College (TX) and the seven-college Dallas County Community College District. He then became the Associate Vice Chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago, and served as President of Richard J. Daley College in Chicago.
Most recently, Martinez served as President of Grossmont College (east San Diego County). In that capacity he led the College through accreditation, established enrollment management strategies and developed new strategies for the measurement of student learning outcomes.

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  • Imogene Threadgoode says:

    It’s about time!!! After wasting an enormous amount of money based on ego, this guy, after 5 years is now going to get lifetime medical benefits thanks to the Board. You people want to see waste in the educational system? There it is. Administrators make enormous salaries and get lifetime medical benefits after 5 years. This after screwing up everything on the campus. Now he can go retire and get paid for messing up a perfectly good school! Nice work if you can get it I guess.

  • Shirlye Stewart says:

    I was his administrative assistant at Grossmont College in El Cajon, CA. He certainly threw me under the bus. I retired a little early to save myself undue stress and accusatory lies. I had an MIA two months before I retired. I should have blamed him like he blamed those he accused of causing his TIA at Rio Hondo. I will always remember his false accusations. It’s a long story, but one that I will never recover from.