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Leak of Central Basin Investigation Violates Brown Act, Could Expose Agency to Massive Lawsuit

June 17, 2024

The wheels of corruption and misinformation are turning once again at Central Basin Water (CB) with the revelation that an audit related to a company called Capstone was leaked to the Southern California Newspaper Group.

The ultra-right-leaning SCNG only occasionally publishes articles about CB and only when documents or information are from questionable sources with checkered histories.

Capstone performed over $700,000 in documented and board-approved work for CB over two years ago, but some CB board members have called it a “fake company.”

They used that and other allegations to illegally place CB General Manager Dr. Alex Rojas on paid administrative leave even though, under CB operations, Rojas does not have access to or override authority over the accounting and financial systems, nor does he participate in screening, scoring, or interviewing companies that are bidding for a CB job.

The vote to place Rojas on leave was a violation of CBs Administrative Code and Rojas’ personally negotiated employment contract.

Inside sources have told LCCN that the Capstone report was slated to be discussed in closed session at the next CB regular board meeting. A closed session allows a public agency the chance to  discuss a matter behind closed doors and then “report out” to the public certain actions taken and the vote of each member present.

With the revelation that the Capstone report was illegally leaked, the closed session will be rendered moot, and discussions will now be open to the public – based on a reporter’s untrained non-financial point of view – while being influenced by CB Board members with ulterior motives.

If any allegations in the Capstone report prove to be false, it will expose CB to litigation and lawsuits.

LCCN sent out an email to all CB Board members, including President Chacon, Jim Crawford, and Leticia Vasquez-Wilson, who denied giving the report to SCNG.

Interim General Manager Elaine Jeng, who’s hiring two weeks ago is being called illegal by CB President Chacon and other CB Board members, did not respond to an LCCN email.

After several emails, VP Martha Camacho-Rodriguez did not deny she leaked the document.

Director Juan Garza, who has been one of the most vocal critics of the Rojas and the Capstone project, responded, “I’ve never disclosed protected and privileged materials with anyone the law doesn’t allow.” When asked to be more specific, Garza never denied he leaked the report writing, ” I provided you a response.  It’s very clear.  Again, if you don’t like my responses, don’t ask me.”  

The Capstone report will focus on Rojas, who, along with Capstone representatives, has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

In November 2023, Dr. Rojas ordered a complete accounting of Capstone’s work, which staff completed in ten days. LCCN obtained the report and supporting documents and found that all work done by Capstone was completed and documented, with copies of all checks and pictures of the work done.

The documents also showed all Capstone bids and bid documents were approved by CB Board members at regular board meetings.

When asked about the leak of the Capstone report, Dr. Rojas told LCCN, “I have not seen the confidential report, but I understand there are no findings of wrongdoing or fraud. It is unfortunate that a member, or members, of the Central Basin Board committed the unlawful act of leaking a privileged report in an effort to create a false narrative that is not substantiated. This ongoing attack of me and the staff who are responsible for the day to day operational duties of the district is unprofessional and unbecoming of anyone who considers themselves a public servant.”

  • Tuburcio says:

    Hews is provided information by Art. Hipocrita Hews.

  • Tyson says:

    Hews and Art Chacon violate the agencies laws all the time. Art gives Hews information. Alex gave hews information below. It is hypocritical for Hews to publish this article.

    Hews the feds are looking.

  • Tuburcio says:

    Hews y Art Chacon violan leyes todo el tiempo!

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    Hews gets paid by Art Chacon to write this articles. The FBI eventually will get to hews.

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    Hews es pagado por Alex y Art Chacon. Hews es ladron de fondos publicos.