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June 14, 2024 Los Cerritos Community News eNewspaper

  • LindaHernandez says:

    Response to today’s LCCN Article on Play Island at Cerritos Heritage Park:

    Dear Editor,
    Thank you for giving front page coverage to the shocking state of disrepair at the Play Island at Heritage Park.  As a longtime resident, parent and educator, I have many fond memories of visiting the Play Island there since its inception. In October of 1988, I proudly gathered with the crowd viewing then Vice President George H.W. Bush hold a presidential rally there. He praised our island as a beautiful, pristine replica of Boston Harbor. It has also been listed in multiple publications as a family destination, welcoming visitors from all over Southern California. As a teacher in ABCUSD, it was always a favorite, educational field trip to schedule for local students. I was thrilled to be able to rent the picnic shelter at the top for my grandson’s first birthday, 10 years ago. It is fully furnished with stadium seating, tables and a kitchen. Party guests were free to roam the beautiful island and enjoy the setting and play structures, many of which are now closed to public access.
    My sincere hope is that the Cerritos City Council and City Manager will respond to your excellent article and photos documenting 22 years of neglect.

    Thank you again for following this important news about what should be a bragging point for a city which prides itself as being a Park City!
    Linda J. Hernández
    Longtime Cerritos Resident, Educator Parent & Grandparent

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  • LindaHernandez says:

    The above is supposed to be a replica of the 1700s, not look like it has been neglected since then! An accident waiting to happen. Just like in their much vaunted Performing Arts Center. The top tiers, nosebleed sections have no railings in the middle aisles and steep grading more suited for mountain goats. One should not have to cling to other patrons’ seats to ascend and descend the steps.