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Reuters/Ipsos Poll – 10% of Registered Republicans Won’t Vote for Trump After Felony Convictions

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The poll means Trump will lose 7 million votes, adding to the count is among independent registered voters, 25% said Trump’s conviction made them less likely to support him in November.

June 1, 2024

Ten percent of Republican registered voters say they are less likely to vote for Donald Trump following his felony conviction for falsifying business records to cover up a hush money payment to a porn star, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll that closed on Friday.

The potential loss of a tenth of his party’s voters is more significant for Trump than the stronger backing of more than a third of Republicans, since many of the latter would be likely to vote for him regardless of the conviction.

Among independent registered voters, 25% said Trump’s conviction made them less likely to support him in November, compared to 18% who said they were more likely.

The verdict could shake up the race between Trump, who was U.S. president from 2017-2021, and Democratic President Joe Biden ahead of the Nov. 5 election. U.S. presidential elections are typically decided by thin margins in a handful of competitive swing states, meaning that even small numbers of voters defecting from their candidates can have a big impact.

Trump is due to be sentenced on July 11, and the poll showed the electorate divided on whether he should go to prison for his crimes, with 53% of registered voters saying he should not be jailed over the hush money case and 46% saying he should serve time.

Some 60% of registered voters said it was important the three pending trials take place before the election, compared to 39% who said it was not important and 1% who didn’t answer the question.

  • Ron H says:

    I’ve always thought of Trump as an intelligence test. First, only the most self-centered capitalist would think he would benefit them. Then it appeared that even normal Christian’s were falling for his pack of lies instead of just radical christo-fascists. Now I know it’s an intelligence test. Self-serving narcissists and total morons are his base. There is no arguing that.