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Shake Shack Is Coming to Downtown Downey

The burger chain will be located at the corner of Firestone Boulevard and Downey Avenue

May 23, 2024

Shake Shack is bringing its burgers and shakes to Downtown Downey. The fast-food chain recently applied for a liquor license at 8300 Firestone Blvd

Downey approved construction of the new 3,600 square-foot restaurant with a 900 square-foot patio and drive-thru in March 2023; the demolition process started in February.

  • Linda Hernandez says:

    Liquor at a fast food burger and milkshake joint? Sounds like an oxymoron and doesn’t Downey have enough places that serve liquor?

    • Shake Juntson says:

      Chill out Karen, you’ve obviously never had Shake Shack. I bet you’ll have a fit when you see the rainbow shakes in July lol