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Poker Face Set for a Second Season

Peacock is making a name for itself as a challenger to the major streaming services, thanks to the addition of some top-quality programming over the last few years. One of its best series so far is Poker Face, a murder mystery-style comedy with Natasha Lyonne in the starring role.

The first season of the Rian Johnson creation was met with high critical acclaim, and it has now been confirmed that the show will return for a second season. There’s a chance that the new episodes could drop in 2025.

A Successful First Season 

There was little doubt that Poker Face would return for a second season after the reviews of the first were so positive. The series won the Top 10 Television Programs in the American Film Institute Awards and was nominated for various other categories at a range of award ceremonies.

Poker Face also has an impressive rating of 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is an achievement that few other shows can match. Most critic reviews praised the structure of the series, which consists of standalone episodes that can often be enjoyed in isolation. However, there’s also an overarching plot that ties everything together.

Series Doesn’t Require Poker Knowledge

Although it was well received critically, Poker Face arguably needs a few more seasons to attract a wider fan base. Some viewers may be initially put off by the name, believing that they need to know about poker to be able to enjoy the series. This isn’t a necessity, though, and the show can be enjoyed by people with no poker experience as well as players of the card game. The main theme of the show is that Lyonne’s character has an innate ability to read people’s expressions thanks to her experience of working in a casino. This helps her solve crimes and figure out when people are lying.

Poker fans may be disappointed by the lack of actual card playing within the series, though. In certain other shows and movies, having an intricate knowledge of poker hand rankings and other aspects of the game has been essential. For instance, people who know the value of hands can get the full enjoyment out of scenes such as the final showdown in Casino Royale. In that game, each player outdid the person before him with a stronger hand, with James Bond finally revealing the best of all – the straight flush. In Poker Face, this insider knowledge isn’t needed. However, it can be fun for viewers to try to spot when characters are bluffing. 

Natasha Lyonne’s Best Role?

For fans of Lyonne, this series is up there with the best that she’s done. Of all her work to date, the 45-year-old was most lauded for her role in Orange is the New Black. She won two Screen Actors Guild Awards for her performance as Nicky Nichols and was one of the most memorable characters in the popular series.

With Poker Face, Lyonne has a chance to outdo her turn in the prison drama. In this series, she’s the main protagonist and if it runs for numerous seasons, she’ll be able to grow into the role. Critics have already praised her as one of the series’ strongest aspects, so there could be more awards on the horizon for the New York-born actor.

Poker Face looks set to return to screens towards the end of 2025, and there are high hopes that the new season will live up to its predecessor. If the series continues for many years, it could end up being Lyonne’s greatest work to date.

  • GrammyG says:

    Love this series! Hope I am around long enough for another season! She is fantastic!! Best series ever!