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Pico Rivera City Council Unanimously Approves Historic Whittier Boulevard Multimodal Plan

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PICO RIVERA, CA – APRIL 26, 2024 – The Pico Rivera City Council has unanimously approved and celebrated a significant milestone in the Historic Whittier Boulevard Multimodal Plan. This comprehensive plan is a testament to the city’s commitment to revitalizing the historic Whittier Boulevard corridor and enhancing the quality of life for residents, visitors, and businesses.

“In approving the Historic Whittier Boulevard Multimodal Plan, the Pico Rivera City Council has taken a significant stride toward implementing our vision of a vibrant, inclusive, and resilient community,” said Pico Rivera Mayor Andrew Lara. “Through an extensive outreach campaign, this plan reflects the needs of our residents and businesses, which include safer streets and community-oriented spaces that strengthen our city’s unique identity while promoting an economically resilient Whittier Boulevard for generations to come.”

The Historic Whittier Boulevard Multimodal Plan is a crucial component of Pico Rivera’s holistic urban planning and public policy approach. It serves as a comprehensive guide addressing the near- and long-term transportation and mobility needs of the city, with a focus on safety, mobility, beautification, economic activity, and establishing a sense of place.

Throughout its development, the plan prioritized community engagement, empowering residents, property owners, and businesses to actively contribute to Pico Rivera’s vision for the historic corridor. Over a two-year period, the city conducted over 75 in-person and virtual events, engaging with more than 6,000 stakeholders and community members.

The plan identifies various early action projects to initiate transformation along Whittier Boulevard. These projects, which are cost-effective and provide substantial community benefits, include safety enhancements, beautification efforts, landscaping, decorative lighting and signage, art installations, high-visibility crosswalks, painted curb extensions, dedicated walking paths, added parking, new parks, and more.

In addition to early action projects, the plan outlines longer-term improvements such as protected bike lanes, transit shelter islands, pedestrian amenities, and green infrastructure to accommodate drainage needs. These enhancements will enhance the corridor’s accessibility, safety, and attractiveness.

“The approval of the Historic Whittier Boulevard Multimodal Plan marks a significant milestone for Pico Rivera,” said Steve Carmona, Pico Rivera City Manager. “This plan represents our commitment to creating a vibrant, welcoming, and accessible corridor that reflects the values and aspirations of our community. We look forward to implementing the plan’s initiatives and shaping a brighter future for Pico Rivera.”

The multimodal plan will serve as a fundamental mechanism for decision-makers in Pico Rivera, providing essential guidance for budgeting, capital projects, programs, and development proposals. Its approval marks a pivotal step toward realizing the city’s vision for a thriving and connected community.

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