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City of Santa Fe Springs Implements Software For Online Formal Bidding

March 20, 2024

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. – The city of Santa Fe Springs announced that it has joined 600 public and private entities in utilizing PlanetBids, a cutting-edge e-procurement solution that streamlines the process of creating, receiving, and awarding bids entirely online.

PlanetBids is available for soliciting bids of any value however, Santa Fe Springs plans to use it for bids that fall within the formal bidding threshold. This will ensure that the city adheres to local policies and procedures while documenting all phases of the bid process.

The program will can “streamline and centralize the formal bidding process within the Department of Finance and Administrative Services; no longer will this responsibility fall solely on departments.”

Using PlanetBids also creates greater transparency for the community and showcases the city’s commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint.

City officials stated that local vendors within the city and across Los Angeles County will receive an email inviting them to register to receive notifications about upcoming opportunities.

Future entities interested in receiving notifications about bidding opportunities can sign up using the vendor registration portal. To access the PlanetBids portal and register, visit the City’s website at www.santafesprings.org, and select the “Bids & Proposals” link.

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