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Candidate Joanna Weiss Refuses to Disavow Racist Campaign Attacks

February 23, 2024

 —   Despite mounting pressure and calls for accountability from local and national Asian American leaders, Joanna Weiss refuses to denounce racist campaign mailers sent on her behalf by a GOP-funded Super Pac. The recent mailer, funded by a dark money Super PAC supporting Joanna Weiss, has been widely criticized for its racist overtones and overt references to longstanding stereotypes that Asian Americans are untrustworthy and perpetual foreigners here in the United States. Featuring a yellow tint over Min’s photo and unfounded allegations of untrustworthiness, the mailer perpetuates harmful stereotypes and fuels a dangerous climate at a time of rising hate crimes against the API community.

CA-47 has the 9th largest API citizen aged voting populations out of 435 Congressional Districts. 

Weiss’s refusal to distance herself from these despicable tactics raises serious doubts about her fitness to represent CA-47 – home to one of the largest Asian American communities in the nation. Weiss has refused to engage with API language media who have covered the controversy. A recent article from Korea Times highlights this concerning trend, shedding light on Weiss’s failure to engage with API readers on her positions.

“Using yellow-tinted photos and depicting him in a money suit is not just racist, it’s an insult to our community,” said Congressmember Grace Meng, Chair of the Asian and Pacific Islander Congressional Caucus’ Political Action Committee ASPIRE PAC. “These tactics will backfire with the 20% AAPI voters who live in his district. We stand against such bigotry and call for accountability.” 

This is the second time that the Weiss campaign has been called out by Asian American leaders for running a racist campaign. Earlier this year, in a staggering display of disregard for the community she claims to represent, Weiss failed to address the concerns raised by local Asian Pacific Islander (API) leaders, including Susan Lew, President of the Asian Americans in Action Network; and Mary Anne Foo, founder and executive director of Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Alliance, who called out Weiss for levying racist attacks against Dave Min.  In a letter published on January 29, 2024, leaders in the AAPI community in Orange County expressed frustration over Weiss’ campaign tactics, “This isn’t the first attempt by Weiss’ campaign to characterize Min using harmful anti-Asian stereotypes like questioning his trustworthiness, which makes us question her ability to properly represent AAPI community members, who account for 24% of the district’s population.” 

Min is endorsed by outgoing Rep. Katie Porter, as well as the California Democratic Party, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, California Environmental Voters, and over 150 local, state, and federal officials. Min is the unanimous choice of organized labor in this race, as he is the only candidate to receive support from national, statewide, and local unions, and he is the only candidate endorsed in this race by the California Labor Federation or the AFL-CIO. A full endorsement list is available here

  • Robert Mayer says:

    My wife called it. She said Weiss’ attack campaign against Dave Min sound like it’s coming from the Republicans, and she was right. Weiss is backed by GOP donors. I hope her deplorable (racist) smear tactics backfires on her.
    Min has my vote!