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Whitney High School Ecology & Wildlife Club Hosting Annual Community Tree Sale 

Cerritos~As a service to the Cerritos community, Whitney High School’s Ecology and Wildlife Club is partnering with the national nonprofit organization Tree-Plenish to host a local tree sale. Their goal is to replenish the natural resources that their school consumed to promote sustainability. 

Trees have great potential for combating climate change because they absorb and store carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. The students of Eco Club are aiming to sell at least 110 trees to help offset Whitney High School’s paper usage and carbon emissions and build a greener local community. 

In this year’s event, residents will be able to choose and order from three tree species: apricot, cherry, and peach. Each sapling costs $12, and customers will be able to pick-up their tree(s) at Whitney High School on April 13th.

To order a tree, click here.

The sale will last until March 13th, so order now!  For more information refer to the club’s event FAQ.

ABOUT TREE-PLENISH Tree-Plenish is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to create more sustainable schools by replenishing the number of trees used to satisfy each school’s paper requirements. Tree-Plenish events are planned by student leaders. Leaders determine the number of trees they want to plant in their community based on the amount of carbon emissions their school produces. Once the number of trees to be planted is determined, they plan and advertise the event, and anyone in the community can request to have a tree planted in their yard (or plant trees themselves).

  • Linda Hernandez says:

    What a great fundraising idea! Helps the school and the environment. It sure beats selling candy or other unhealthy and overpriced items!