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Cerritos Auto Square Celebrates its Legacy with a Documentary Premiere

February 14, 2024

Cerritos Auto Square unveils the documentary film chronicling its unprecedented journey with the largest red carpet movie premiere in Southern California history with 1,410 seats

In a cinematic celebration of innovation and success, Cerritos Auto Square, the world’s largest auto center by annual sales, is set to host Southern California’s most significant red-carpet movie premiere ever. The event will showcase a full- length documentary detailing the remarkable development of Cerritos Auto Square, taking place at the iconic Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

“We are honored to chronicle the dynamic history of Cerritos Auto Square, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a global automotive landmark as the film brings to life the captivating journey,” said Dave Conant Owner of the Norm Reeves Superstores in the Cerritos Auto Square.

The 55 minute documentary titled Nothing Like It In the World is a testament to vision and determination, and will feature archival footage revealing the transformation of the land from dairy farms to the bustling Cerritos Auto Square that stands today. Interviews with key City leaders Art Gallucci and Don Knabe as well as automotive figures Kent Browning, Dave Conant and more will provide insight into the groundbreaking steps taken to establish the world’s most successful auto square.

Cerritos Auto Square was a pioneer in the concept of an ‘auto mall,’ a one-stop destination housing multiple competing car dealerships under one roof. The film captures the new and risky path taken, bringing to life the characters and innovations that shaped this automotive landmark. Notably, the documentary showcases eight years of memorable commercials featuring Ernest Worrell, portrayed by the legendary Jim Varney.

The red carpet movie premiere will provide an unforgettable experience, featuring free photos at the step and repeat, appetizing offerings from food trucks, and opening remarks preceding the screening of the documentary. Esteemed community leaders will be in attendance for this historic event.

The film was directed and produced by Todd Huffman of Pipeline Digital Media.

For more information and to secure your free tickets to be part of Southern California’s largest red-carpet movie premiere, visit cerritosautosquare.com/movie

  • Linda Hernandez says:

    Looking forward to this Local History Event! We live very near the Auto Square and on top of a former Dairy!