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New York Times Doing Its Best to Bash Biden and His Campaign, Help Trump

January 20, 2023

By Brian Hews

In yet another in a long line of extremely questionable articles, the New York Times, which did its best to kill Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016, published an article entitled “Voters Gloomy Over Prospect of Rematch,” with a subhead that says “Biden versus Trump elicits denial and disbelief.”

Really? Talk about making the news and not reporting it.

So here is the venerable NYT going out and asking the question, “are you leary of a Biden/Trump rematch?”

The NYT somehow finding a way to put the two in the same category.

Trump 91 indictments, including sexual battery, fraud and (allegedly) syphilis; Biden zero indictments, booming economy, no STD’s, record job growth, lowest inflation among major nations, and now consumer confidence is rising.

Yes people are (really) tired of Trump, but tired of Biden (and his huge accomplishments) and don’t want to see him run for reelection? Really?

I don’t think there is many Americans out there that did not think Biden was going to run again, so what was the NYT angle?

Reading the article reveals that question; discredit Biden.

1st paragraph: “President Biden is cruising to a victory; Trump could begin wrapping up his party nomination. America’s response. This can’t be true.”

As if the NYT knows all Americans opinions? Yes they assert, citing the recent Marquette Law School Poll. Has anyone ever heard of the Marquette Law School Poll? Looking over recent polls, the MLS has Trump over Biden in every one since last May.

Real credible source NYT.

In addition to the complete hack, the NYT interviewed people from Iowa who overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Insert your emotion emoji here.

The article ended with a quote from a “wealthy democrat” named Yoram Ariely; Ariely is a businessman from that Biden bastion of Florida.

Ariely subsidized a poll asking if Biden should step down, an obviously biased poll, and said Biden should step down after the “results” came in.

Another credible source.

Meanwhile all the good news about Biden is buried in the back of the main news; you know stuff like Biden just cancelled $5 billion in students debt, signed a bill to keep the government funded; this while the most conservative Republicans are praising the bipartisan immigration bill by the Biden Administration.

Second section front page was a story on the Stock Market “climbing to new heights” and record employment of 8.19 billion.

Nice journalism NYT, maybe rename yourself the New York Star.

  • Keith says:

    Wow, you’re not even hiding that you’re not a journalist but a propagandist. You make Joseph Goebbels look like a truth teller.