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HHC Gummies: What Science Says About Their Potential Benefits

There are many variants of cannabis products available these days and one variant that is popping up more and more often is HHC products. You could think of Hexahydrocannabinol, commonly known as HHC, as the introverted younger sibling of THC. Not many people know much about it as it is naturally only present in very small quantities in cannabis. In 1944, chemist Roger Adams added hydrogen to THC,thus creating HHC in abundance, but it wasn’t until over 60 years later that scientists began specifically exploring the potential uses of the compound.

The popularity of HHC has boomed in the past 5 years, and despite limited specific research into the compound, there is substantial anecdotal evidence to support theories that it shares many qualities with THC. One of the most popular HHC products is gummies, but many people are still not convinced by this newcomer, so let’s hear what scientists have to say about the potential benefits of HHC gummies.

More about the HHC compound

Studies have shown that there are two main isomeric variations of HHC, (9R)-HHC and (9S)-HHC. (9R)-HHC is known to have very similar effects to the OG, Delta 9-THC, whereas (9S)-HHC appears to have less of a functional effect. Most HHC products available on the market have a combination of both variations, resulting in a milder version of the effects of THC products.

There are not many detailed scientific studies into HHC yet, but animal studies have shown that it has milder marijuana-like effects than THC. It does not occur naturally in cannabis in high enough quantities to cause these effects in humans, and so the HHC products you see advertised are semi-synthesized to create the desired potency of HHC. 

HHC is believed to be safe, with the only currently known adverse effects being those also found in THC, including dizziness, drowsiness, changes in appetite and potential feelings of anxiety or uneasiness. However cannabinoids affect each individual differently so it is often a case of start low and build up to a therapeutic dose.

Benefits HHC has to offer

As the lesser-known sibling of Delta 9 THC, one its main potential benefits is its calming and relaxing properties. HHC has largely flown under the radar and is often said to be a legal alternative to controlled cannabinoids, making the benefits more widely accessible. Its anxiolytic potential can help those who struggle with stress and anxiety, promote more restful sleep, and even combat depression. The potential mental-health benefits are huge and with mental health issues currently being the most prevalent they have ever been, HHC gummies could help countless people.

Despite the lack of scientific deep dives into this chemical’s potential therapeutic applications, many scientists are extremely hopeful about the range of uses it may prove to have. There are early studies to suggest that it may have cancer-fighting properties, anti-inflammatory effects and may even prevent vision-threatening eye conditions. With more in-depth research, this compound could prove to be a game changer in treating numerous conditions without the harsh side effects of synthesized pharmaceutical drugs that are currently used.

HHC Gummies

As well as being delicious, gummies are known to have a slower onset of effects compared to options such as smoking and vaping. This is because gummies must be digested to release the cannabinoids into your system and therefore start offering their many benefits. However, as the digestion process lasts a prolonged time, cannabinoids continue to be released into your system meaning the effects last a much longer time. This gradual release makes gummies excellent for managing chronic conditions like anxiety or pain. 

HHC gummies are also a great choice for precisely managing dosage as you can easily control how many mg of HHC you consume. If you are new to the world of HHC gummies then this is ideal, starting with a very low dose (maybe just half a gummy to begin with) and gradually increasing the dose over the first few days until you achieve the desired effect.

The majority of HHC gummies are made from hemp plants to take advantage of the lack of explicit laws on HHC itself.There are a few states in which HHC is restricted or illegal so check out the rules and regulations in your state to find out whether or not you can enjoy the many benefits of HHC.

Choosing HHC gummies

If you’re looking to try high-quality gummies from a reliable retailer, why not get something like these HHC Rings. They’re a delicious and functional option perfect for daily use to manage stress, anxiety and many other conditions. The main thing to look out for is a retailer who has their products independently lab tested to prove they contain what it says on the tin, and no nasty surprises.

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