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CBD Oil Shops: Navigating the Cannabidiol Market

It is probably only a slight exaggeration to suggest that there are as many CBD oil shops as overpriced coffee chains! If you live in a large urban area, you’ll probably see a brick-and-mortar CBD oil store on every corner.

While the CBD industry is losing some of its gravitas in North America (perhaps due to market saturation and the availability of marijuana), it is only getting started in Australia and many European countries. 

Sadly, it is incorrect to suggest that we have fewer shady companies to deal with than our American and Canadian counterparts. Finding a decent brick-and-mortar CBD oil shop is one thing; sifting through the detritus to discover a high-quality online CBD oil store is quite another. However, I will help guide you through the maze in this article and highlight one brand that’s making waves.

Here’s Why You Must Take Your Time When Picking a CBD Oil Store

According to data gleaned from Grand View Research, the Australian CBD industry was worth $66 million in 2022. What’s even more impressive is the potential for growth. The company’s report found that the market will increase at an average annual rate of almost 30% until 2030! This is great news for anyone looking to make a fortune from selling hemp products.

It is extremely important that the hemp industry take off because, in Australia, a significant number of people are falling foul of opioid addiction. While the situation isn’t as dire as in the United States, it is a concerning trend. The Grand View Research report found that there are up to 100 emergency hospitalizations each week in Australia due to issues surrounding opioid consumption.

The problem consumers have at present is ensuring they locate a reputable CBD oil shop. There are a lot of shysters and charlatans looking to take your cash in return for low-grade products. Unless you know what to look for, there’s every danger you’ll stumble across CBD oil that’s not just of a poor standard but actually dangerous.

However, I know of one brand that’s taking the market by storm. Premium Jane is an American organization that recently expanded its operations abroad. Now, Australians can benefit from the same top-level hemp products as their American counterparts. Premium Jane includes third-party lab reports with its wares, so you can see the cannabinoid content for yourself, as well as get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your CBD oil doesn’t have contaminants. 

How to Choose the Right CBD Oil Store

The simplest answer is to tell you to buy from Premium Jane since it meets all the criteria for a reliable CBD oil shop. However, in case you want to conduct research yourself, here are some other things to consider. 

The first is the source of the hemp. As a general rule, you only want to use a CBD oil store that gets its hemp from American, Canadian, or European Union farms. It’s even better if the brand outlines precisely where the hemp comes from. 

Another important consideration is the extraction method. Industry experts are adamant that CO2 supercritical extraction is the best option. That being said, some trustworthy brands may utilize ethanol extraction, ensuring that the residual solvent is removed.

Yet another consideration is the CBD concentration. You need this information when choosing CBD oil strength. Otherwise, you could buy something completely unsuitable for your needs. Premium Jane’s hemp oil range goes from 300mg to 2000mg, although each bottle contains 30ml of oil. 

As a result, you know that there is 10mg of CBD per ml of liquid in the 300mg bottle and an impressive 66.66mg of CBD per ml of liquid in the 2000mg option. So, you can calculate how much oil you need and measure it on the dropper that comes with the product. 

Pick a CBD Oil Store You Can Trust for the Best Experience

In the end, your main considerations when selecting a CBD oil shop include hemp source, third-party lab reports, extraction method, and CBD concentration. Another key issue I forgot to mention is brand reputation. Premium Jane has earned an extremely positive reputation, with countless customer testimonials to prove it. Only shop with brands that have been in the industry for a while, or else you could have a serious case of buyer’s remorse!

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