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Video – Trump, ‘I am proud to have terminated abortion rights’

January 11, 2024

At last night’s Fox News Townhall where two “interviewers” lobbed softball questions at Donald Trump, one statement from Trump stood out when he said, “I am proud to have terminated abortion rights.”

  • Keith says:

    Once again this fake news site twist words. He is proud to get rid of Roe vs. Wade which leaves the decision of abortion to each individual state to determine their abortion laws. Yet not one story on Biden crime family, 10 shell companies and money coming into family members from foreign advisories like China, Russia, Ukraine and Romania to even his grandkids. What product do the Biden grandkids produce?????

  • Sbeaty says:

    Is Trump FLDS or funded by drug cartels invovled in child sex tracking or just hate women ? Why do we have a rabbit cage up abortions and planned parenthood targeted abortions and plan b regulated. Chem warfare keeping folks home to reproduce
    Hoping women are preg and not able to return to work
    Men have their choice for Viagra or Silindafi paid for by Medicare/ Medicaide and private insurance and even RX by Planned Parenthood Now called forced Parenthood
    Can we get some checks for violating our civil rights
    These candidates are abusive breeders not humanitarians
    Can get some new ones