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Brian Ferrer

November 7, 2022~This newspaper is endorsing Brian Ferrer; please vote out Soo Yoo.

Ferrer is a hard-working registered nurse who went through the ABCUSD system and has shown, unlike Soo Yoo, that he is dedicated to helping the award-winning district get even better.

Proof of Soo Yoo’s complete disregard of the ABC District: HMG-CN has exclusively found that Ms. Yoo has not spent any money promoting her ABCUSD campaign yet Yoo has garnered over $330,000 for her campaign for Assembly.

Candidate Soo Yoo Snubbing Her ABC School District Race in Favor of Assembly Campaign


 Is this a person who wants to help children out in the district? This newspaper doesn’t think so. Yoo filled out one page in April of this year for her ABCUSD campaign knowing she was not going to put any effort into the race; her Assembly campaign documents are over 180 pages with over 200 donors and 55 Late Contribution reports, including the Cerritos Republican Club giving $8,000 and Carol Chen giving $5,000. 

So it’s your choice Area 2 residents; vote for somebody who is dedicated and wants to help the district get even better or somebody who, by her actions, is using her ABCUSD Board seat as a fallback position when she loses to Sharon Quirk Silva.