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Candidate Soo Yoo Snubbing Her ABC School District Race in Favor of Assembly Campaign

Soo Yoo’s campaign treasurer Lisa Ray lists her address as 3843 Bristol STE 640 in Santa Ana; HMG-CN has confirmed it is a PO Box in a UPS store.


By Brian Hews

November 5, 2022


When ABC Unified School District Republican Boardmember Soo Yoo first declared her candidacy for a newly drawn California Assembly District, many questioned whether she would remain dedicated to the ABCUSD.

Yoo was not only running for Assembly, but her board seat at ACBUSD was also in play leading many residents to question her commitment to the ABCUSD given the rigorous traveling and fundraising schedule that an Assembly campaign demands.

An examination of Ms. Yoo’s campaign documents (actually, only one document) related to her ABCUSD election gives residents a definitive answer. It is evidence of Yoo’s arrogance, thinking she could win her ABCUSD board seat without campaigning and spending cash for election related materials.

Found on the lavote.gov website was Yoo’s one-page Candidate Campaign Statement-Short Form filed in April 2022 containing her name without an address, along with a phone number, her ABCUSD email and the seat she is running for.




But it was section four that was clear evidence of Yoo ignoring her ABCUSD election.

Section four asked candidates to list all committees they know that are primarily formed to receive contributions or to make expenditures on behalf of the candidate; Yoo crossed the section off writing “N/A.”

No other documents are on file under Ms. Yoo’s campaign indicating no effort to raise cash and promote her election to residents. Yoo resting on her ABCUSD laurels while running for Assembly; a seat that if she should win, would cause her to leave her ABCUSD position.

So not only was Yoo promoting her ABCUSD campaign but she swore under penalty of perjury on the candidate’s campaign statement that nobody else would be spending money to get her elected.






In contrast, her opponent, Brian Ferrer, has filed documents related to his campaign for the two required reporting periods ending on 9/24/22 and 10/22/22; in addition, Ferrer has filed five 497 Late Contribution reports, which are required when a contribution over $1,000 is received.

It is not that Yoo has not been busy; seen on the California Secretary of State’s website is Yoo’s Assembly campaign documents showing her raising over $330,000.

Digging deeper shows that Yoo’s Assembly campaign has filed fifty-five 497 Late Contribution reports and five more extensive campaign “460” reports totaling 184 pages.

Texts into Yoo remain unanswered.