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Leticia Vasquez-Wilson Buying Compton Community College Seat


According to campaign documents, Leticia Vasquez-Wilson is the only donor to her Compton Community College Campaign.


By Brian Hews

November 1, 2022~For a position that pays very little, current Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez-Wilson is seeking election to the Compton Community College’s Area 5 seat using a financial Death Star.

And based on her history of conduct at Central Basin meetings, and her recall from Lynwood Council in 2007, if she wins, Vazquez-Wilson will bring controversy and turmoil to the tranquil college board that won back its accreditation in 2017, after eleven years, due to a corrupt board of trustees.

Vasquez-Wilson is currently seen with Alfredo Banuelos and Skyy Fisher, endorsed by the Compton Community College Federation of Employees (CCCFE) Local 3486 on a local website.

HMG-CN published an article yesterday concerning Skyy Fisher, who will not deny he is a convicted and registered sex offender that can be found on the Megan’s Law website.

HMG-CN informed Vasquez-Wilson that Fisher did not deny the email and texts from HMG-CN, but she did not respond, tacitly condoning Fisher’s conviction and registration.

Banuelos also did not respond.

An examination of campaign documents show that Vasquez-Wilson, who recently moved into Carson, does not show any individual donors, with Vasquez-Wilson loaning her campaign $30,000; $20,000 on 9/10/22 and another $10,000 on 9/24/22.Jan-Sept 2022 expenses show Vasquez-Wilson bombarding Area 5 residents with nearly $12,000 in mailers and lawn signs.

Vasquez-Wilson kept up the pace showing another $13,000 in campaign expenses for late Sept. thru Oct. 22.

Documents for other candidates show an average of $6,000, with several individual donors for each candidate.

Based on her history, if she wins the seat, meetings will be full of Vasquez-Wilson cronies speaking ill of other members during public comment, and a no vote for nearly every agenda item, no matter the subject.

In 2021, Vasquez-Wilson, with Director Camacho Rodriguez, who votes with Vasquez-Wilson 99% of the time, showed that she could vote against an item that is hugely beneficial to constituents.

Both directors voted no to decrease water rates for Central Basin customers by 14%, which Central Basin President Art Chacon spearheaded; the item passed 5-2.