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Is a Registered Sex Offender Running for Compton Community College Board?

October 31, 2022

By Brian Hews

With Los Angeles city council dominating the news, the mainstream media has not been paying attention to other races in the area.

One, in particular, is the slate of candidates running for Compton Community College Board, including Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez-Wilson and Skyy Fisher.

Readers of HMG-CN know all about Vasquez-Wilson and her antics and constant disruption of proceedings while Director of Central Basin.

Her most recent action, with her crony Director Martha Camacho Rodriguez following her, was to vote no for a 14% water rate decrease for Central Basin customers.

Another candidate in the race is Skyy Fisher, whom 2UrabanGirls blog states that the Compton Community College Federation of Employees (CCCFE) Local 3486 is endorsing.


The  endorsement on 2urbangirls website that indicates the CCFE is endorsing (l-r) Skyy Fisher, Banuelos and Vasquez-Wilson.




CCCFE President Local 3486 Jeanette Morales wrote an email leaving a link to the Local’s website flyer showing endorsements; the flyer did not endorse Fisher.

Morales did not respond when told about the 2UrbanGirls endorsement story; neither did 2UrbanGirls.

In 2014, HMG-CN was first to report that a man named Skyy Fisher, who was on the board of Compton Community College at the time, was arrested on charges of oral copulation on an unconscious person.

Fisher denied all the charges.; his spokesperson at the time was Jasmyne Cannick, a very good friend of Vasquez-Wilson.

In fact, after Vasquez-Wilson was first elected in 2013, Cannick was handed a lucrative “public relations” contract by Vasquez-Wilson and two other board members who were in the majority.

Cannick defended Fisher in a statement, “There is absolutely no truth to the reports or rumors that the complaining witness in the case against Mr. Skyy Fisher is a minor or child. The arrest warrant describes the complaining witness as a “26-year-old male” and the alleged crime as pertaining to “violations of Penal Code section 288A(F)(1) P.C. Oral copulation of an unconscious person, Mr. Fisher expects to be fully exonerated and vindicated in this matter.”

Skyy Fisher had been a lightning rod on the Compton Board. He sparked an outcry when he called deceased Florida teen Trayvon Martin a “faggot black dude” and school Superintendent Karen Frison a “bitch” during a published podcasted interview.

At the time of the arrest, several community leaders called for the resignation of Mr. Fisher.

Two years later, Skyy Fisher was sentenced to six years, San Diego Superior Court Judge Runston Maino rejected Mr. Fisher’s motion for a new trial and sentenced him to the middle term available under state law.

Later, a Skyy Fisher, who lives in Compton, registered on the Megan’s Law website as a sex offender.

Several texts and emails into Skyy Fisher asking about the incident, using information from his skyyfisher.com website, went unanswered; emails into Vasquez-Wilson and her lawyer-husband Ron Wilson also went unanswered.