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Asian Americans for Good Government PAC Yanks Michelle Steel Endorsement


In a statement the AAGG-PAC wrote:


The AAGG-PAC, Asian Americans for Good Government Political Action Committee is a nonpartisan political action committee, dedicated to promoting the political empowerment of the AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) community by increasing API representation in elected offices at the local,
state, and federal levels as well as advocating for candidates and public policies that support the AAPI community.

Since 2005, AAGG-PAC has Andorsed and supported candidates that run respectable election campaigns that do not maliciously defame their opponents. As such, the members of AAGG-PAC are extremely concerned and disturbed by the accusations, negative advertisement, and red baiting that are coming from the 45the Congressional district race. This type of malicious campaigning:

1. Undermines the unity of the API community;
2. Provokes inter-ethnic conflict;
3. Creates interracial hatred, discrimination, and violence especially towards Chinese immigrants; and
4. Promotes xenophobia and the bellef that API are forever foreigners.

Promotion of these stereotypes and false accusations could lead to an increase in AAP Hate incidents and discrimination. AAGG-PAC does not tolerate this type of campaigning. Because of these actions and the risk they present to the community, AAGG-PAC officially withdraws our endorsement for Michelle Steel for the 45th Congressional district.

HMG-CN recently published an article outlining Steel’s shameful record of voting in Congress, which included: no on abortion access, no on contraception, no on equal marriage, no on banning assault weapons, and no on lowering insulin costs.


Rep. Michelle Steel’s Shameful Voting Record Includes No on Protecting Kids