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Supervisor Hahn Pulls Out of Cerritos’ Unite Event


James Mai (left) and Cerritos Mayor Chuong Vo. Mai is a major sponsor of an anti-hate event in Cerritos on September 24, but Instagram posts show him committing a hate crime against an Indian restaurant in May of this year. Vo included the City of Cerritos in his sponsorship logo; two Cerritos Council did not know about the event.


September 21, 2022

By Brian Hews

Last week Hews Media Group Community News reported on an anti-hate event occurring at Don Knabe Park in Cerritos Sept. 24; one of the major sponsors was Supervisor Janice Hahn.


Cerritos’ Mayor and Torrance Detective Chuong Vo Co-Sponsoring Event With Hate Crime Perpetrator



Other sponsors include Torrance Police Officer and Cerritos Mayor Chuong Vo-with a logo that includes the City of Cerritos- the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s and Alex Villanueva, with whom Cerritos Councilwoman Lynda Johnson is employed.

In addition, the Founder of AAPI United, James Mai, was also a major sponsor of the anti-hate event.

In an article by an Orange County blog, Mai was found to have Instagram posts showing him committing a hate crime against an Indian restaurant in May of this year, depicting Mai as a vengeful, hate-filled political operative capable of using his contacts and bogus social media accounts to threaten and intimidate detractors.

Supervisor Hahn was unaware of Mai’s background until she read the HMG-CN article; immediately thereafter, Hahn told the organizers to remove her as a sponsor.

After Supervisor Hahn pulled out of the event, the woman who posted Mai’s Instagram posts about the Indian restaurant, going by the moniker LoveCameron, showed her true self as the same as Mai.

Posts on her Twitter account show her as a racist, election denying, anti-vax MAGA supporter who is proclaiming Supervisor Hahn had “sided with her” in pulling out of the event.

In a conversation, Supervisor Hahn made it very clear she is not siding with the woman; Hahn pulled her sponsorship because of the revelation of Mai’s hate-crimes.

Of more concern is why Cerritos Mayor Vo, a police detective, is slated to attend an event that is sponsored by Mai with organizers who have themselves committed hate-crimes.

Several emails to Vo have gone unanswered.


Posts by LoveCameron