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Cerritos Residents Offended by “Affront to Diversity’ by City Officials

Social media picture of the July 4th event where Cerritos invited Republicans Michele Steel and Janet Ngyen (far left) and snubbed  Democratic candidates Jay Chen, Kim Carr and Sharon Quik-Silva.  In the foreground of this picture is Jay Chen who was not recognized by the city, even though the city was told he was there. Also seen is LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva who is currently under investigation. HMG-CN has opined that the Republican slant of Cerritos is why the city is left out of millions in federal budget dollars awards, funds that cities all around Cerritos are getting. Photo by Danny Hom.


July 21, 2022

Dear Mayor Vo and the City of Cerritos City Council:

I have been a resident of Cerritos since the ‘70’s and an ABCUSD teacher since the 60’s. All three of my children have grown up in Cerritos and attended its schools – pre-K through graduation; one from CHS and two from WHS. I am invested in our city and deeply care about what transpires in our community. That is why I was taken aback regarding this year’s July 4 “Let Freedom Ring” celebration when Janet Nguyen and Michelle Steele (both GOP candidates in the upcoming Congressional and State Senatorial elections) were present, while Sharon Quirk Silva, Jay Chen and Kim Carr (all Democrats) were not! To make matters worse, current LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva who is currently under investigation, also appeared onstage and was given the privilege of ringing our Freedom Bell!

To me and to my friends and neighbors, this was a purposeful affront to the diversity and beauty of our special city of Cerritos; not a way of bringing us together to celebrate the beauty of our differences.

Though we may have differing opinions on how we view and wish to celebrate this annual observance of our nationhood, I believe it should have been incumbent on you, our elected officials, to have taken this celebration of “Liberty and Justice for ALL” and used it to bring our community together; not by pushing it apart.

As we continue to work our way through the 3rd year of this pandemic, the social and political unrest our country is experiencing, and the many other issues that are pulling us apart, may we reflect on the direction we wish to go as a community; not as one separate faction. I believe that we have so much to offer if only we work together.

It is vital that we fulfill the promise of our country’s founding for everyone. I know that we have the potential to change and to live up to our national values. They should also be the impartial values of the City of Cerritos.

Very sincerely,

Roni Love

  • Gail Grossman says:

    Thank you for printing Roni’s letter, there are many other Democrats who feel like Roni and have written to council. It is nice to see a true side to the actions that took place that day.