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Maria Mendez Joins Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence Staff

Maria Mendez


July 20, 2022 ~ Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence has selected Maria Mendez to join the nonprofit agency in the position of Outreach Manager. Ms Mendez’ role will be to lead the efforts to increase awareness of Su Casa’s domestic violence services in the community and provide prevention education. “Maria will focus on outreach to the communities we serve,” stated Dean Lockwood, Director of Development & Community Engagement. “She will increase our presence in the community and implement programs directed toward teens.”

Mendez will also bring her skills to increase the reach of Su Casa’s social media efforts. One of the goals is to provide prevention and education to social media channels regularly.

Mendez received her Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health from the University of California, San Diego where she was involved in the leadership of several volunteer community service projects. She brings international experience with a community health background. Not only did she serve with projects in different regions in Southern California but also in villages in Thailand and Honduras. She is very passionate about health and promoting holistic wellness to all.