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New York Times on a Mission to Discredit President Biden



July 11, 2022 ~ The New York Times Board apparently misses the days when another president was calling the organization the failing New York Times, both its revenue and subscriptions climbing during that era.

Now that we have a competent president in Biden, they have nothing to write about, so now they are going after him.

Yesterday on their front page, only citing sources, the NYT wrote that people around the president are worried about him and his age.

Now today they come out with a poll saying 64% of Democrats would rather have another president.

There was a book I was told to read back in the 80’s called How to Lie with Statistics, and one section wrote about how you can skew a poll if you ask the right question.

During an inflationary period that the rest of the industrialized world is experiencing, another coronavirus outbreak, gas at an oil-company inflated six dollars a gallon, the Times conducts a poll asking if they want another president.

How do you think people are going to answer? That’s called a skewed poll that should’ve never been published.

But the NYT just keeps going because their subscriptions are probably dropping.

It is the height of negligence and irresponsibility by the editorial board of the failing New York Times….




  • A Costantino says:

    Shouldn’t you be more worried about the 33% approval rate.