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4 sports venues you have to experience in California

If you can’t get enough of the world of sports, California might just be the right place to go. California has so many things to see and do, but when it comes to sports there are many opportunities. If you’re planning a great adventure to the golden state in the US, this read might be relevant for you.


California has it all. Laid-back surf vibes, Hollywood, amusement parks, beaches, national parks, and many sports venues. A trip to California combined with different activities for everyone’s needs is the best recipe for an excellent trip to this beautiful state.


If you’re into baseball

If you’re always looking at the current mlb picks, you sure don’t want to miss out on a live match while visiting the state. Alone in California, there are 5 Major League Baseball teams. It might be worth it to check out if there’s a match you can experience at Angel Stadium.


Staples Center in Los Angeles

If you’re into the NBA, this is the place to visit. With over 250 events yearly, you will be able to watch a live match of some kind. The arena has been the main venue for different sports matches including football, basketball, and also concerts.


Dodger Stadium

This is the oldest ballpark in the country in terms of MLB. If you’re into baseball, check this venue out, which has over 56.000 seats. You can even go on a ‘behind-the-scenes’- tour.


Levi’s Stadium – American football

If American football has caught your interest, this stadium in Santa Clara, California could be a thing to add to your activity list. The arena is located outside San Jose in the San Francisco area. The NFL has played there many times.


Lots of sports activities to choose from

If you and/or your travel companions are keen to try some different sports for yourself, there are plenty of opportunities. You can try out some of the most popular sports, or you can try something completely different. California is home to many local outdoor sports, where you will also be able to enjoy nature at the same time.


Do some research before visiting

It’s always good to be a bit prepared when going to a new place. If you want to attend any major sports events, make sure you check ahead before you go. Do some research about what sports you can try out yourself as well.