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How Will the US Do in the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 World Cup is coming and there are lots of teams looking to go after the title of champion. The qualifications have been done for some time and the teams are already divided into groups. The only thing left is for one team to rise in each group and go after the top team from the other ones.

There are many online sportsbooks that cover this event. The US made it through the qualifications and was put into Group B. That’s why US football fans can see so many online sportsbook promos across the country, and they won’t stop anytime soon.

The US football team has a lot of preparing to do if it’s looking to win the Cup. It will first need to come on top of its group and then worry about the winning teams from other groups. So, let’s dive into the predictions.

The Current Situation

As mentioned before, the US made it into Group B in the playoffs. In this group, the US football team shares the pitch with Iran, Wales, and England. Iran and Wales might not turn out to be a challenge, but England will. The thing about England is that it’s one of the favorites for dominating the group and winning the Cup.

But the good thing about the US is that it’s the second favorite when it comes to defeating the other teams in the group. Both teams will need a good amount of points if they’re looking to make it out of the group. England would easily score 7 points and with 9 under its belt, it would be smooth sailing.

However, the US will do its best on the pitch to show how much its worth. A minimum of 4 points is needed to escape the group and any other additional points the US team wins will help the situation. You can compare this with the 2010 World Cup when the US team got 5 points and in 2014 when it made it out of the group with 4 points.

The US and Iranian teams have faced off twice in past World Cups and the match in 1998 was in Iran’s favor. This would make Iran a tough opponent and another team for the US to prepare for. Wales did alright and it all comes down to which team prepared better.

The US team may not have many super star names to call on when compared to other teams, but we will be keeping an eye on Kellyn Acosta, who Cerritos own Marcelo Balboa believes will be a key player for the US national team.

What if the US Team Makes It Out of Group B?

One of the possible scenarios that could play out is the US team being the winner of Group B. If this happens to be the case then the US will face the winners of Group A. This group is made up of the Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador, and the host of the World Cup 2022 which is Qatar. This would be a better scenario for the US because it would avoid a lot of trouble if it comes second.

If the US is the second winner of Group B, right alongside England, then it would take on an elite opponent in the form of Argentina, Brazil, or Spain. But that doesn’t mean that any of the winners of Group A could prove to be tough to beat.

Anyway, if the US team manages to make it out as a winner in the second stage against Group A, then it would move onto the quarterfinals. The thing is that the US team would still be facing the elites of the World Cup, but it would be at a later stage.

Naturally, the worst-case scenario is for the US to not get enough points and not be a winner of Group B. But there’s a strong possibility that this will happen.


There is some time left until the World Cup begins which means that the US team will get stronger with each passing day. They will come with their best foot forward on the pitch and will give it their all when it comes to defeating their opponents.