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Catalytic Converter Etching Event in Artesia June 17

By Tammye McDuff

June 13, 2022~Catalytic converter theft is one of the fastest rising crimes in California.

The City of Artesia is partnering with the LA County Sheriff’s Department to offer a free Catalytic Converter Etching Event for Artesia residents.

The event will be held at Artesia Park located at 18750 Clarkdale Avenue on Friday June 17 and will be held from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

HMG-CN has attended several of these events and the etching is highly recommended.

As vehicles drive through the parking area, vehicles will be checked to see if there has ever been a stolen converter installed. Sheriffs will then etch a number onto the catalytic converter.

Some law enforcement departments are suggesting that vehicles install a CAT cage. 

This is not required by law, but it does help to divert any thief from trying to remove the catalytic converter. The cage is a metal wrap that goes onto each converter and is then attached to the vehicle.

Cars Automotive & Muffler specializes in installing Custom Catalytic Cages, building custom-made security with quality for all types of vehicles. Their custom-made rebar cages are made of solid metal rebar welded to the vehicle. They have installed more than 500 systems on Toyota Prius, Honda elements, Honda Accord, Toyota Tacoma’s, Ford and Isuzu Trucks. The full installment takes about two hours. Since 1978 Cars Automotive & Muffler has served the ongoing needs of drivers throughout the South Bay. They have ASE-Certified technicians that know how to handle catalytic converter replacements on a wide range of vehicles.

This event is offered at no cost to Artesia residents and businesses. Attendees must present an ID and vehicle registration at the event.

For more information and to make a reservation contact Artesia City Hall at 562-865-6262 to pre-register your vehicle.