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Cerritos College Response to CCFF Negotiations Update

NORWALK, Calif. – June 8, 2022 – The Cerritos College District (District) and Cerritos College Faculty Federation (CCFF) have been engaged since February 5, 2021, in contract negotiations following the Board of Trustee’s ratification of both parties’ initial proposals. On June 2, 2022, the District provided a significant contract offer concerning salary to CCFF President Wang, representing a substantial increase over the prior offer made on October 29, 2021.

 The district’s formal official contract offer of June 2, 2022, proposes to provide all full-time and part-time faculty employees with annual on-schedule pay increases, including increases to already excellent benefits. In contrast to claims of no pay raises and only one-time bonus payments for three years, the latest District contract offer proposes to increase on-schedule salary for full-time faculty by 10% over three years, in addition to providing one-time payments each year that total 8% over the three-year period. Part-time faculty are provided even higher increases to bring them closer to parity. The latest contract proposal by the Cerritos College District is outlined below:

 Salary Increases

 18% in increases over three years for full-time faculty and part-time faculty (non-instructional), broken down as follows: 

  • Year 1: 3.5% on-schedule + 3% one time  
  • Year 2: 4.0% on-schedule + 3% one time  
  • Year 3: 2.5% on-schedule + 2% one time   

21.67% in increases over three years for part-time faculty (instructional), broken down as follows:   

  • Year 1: 5.335% on-schedule + 3% one time   
  • Year 2: 5.835% on-schedule + 3% one time   
  • Year 3: 2.50%   on-schedule + 2% one time  

 The Cerritos College District had already signed an agreement to provide a $6,000 increase to the health and welfare benefits cap, bringing the total to $29,000 per full-time employee. Follow the link for additional details about the compensation proposal.

 The goal and objective of these proposals are to balance the unknown future of funding in the state should statewide enrollment continue to decline, the robust funding currently enjoyed from the state, and recognize our faculty’s hard work and ensure they remain among the highest compensated community college faculty in the region.

 More details are available online in our “Moving Forward Together” summary on the Labor Relations website.