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Report: Police Looking to Arrest Compton’s Isaac Galvan for Murder

June 2, 2022~Sources have told HMG-CN that police are looking to arrest Galvan and charge him with murder.

David M. Blake Jr., 27, was arrested May 26 in Porter Ranch in connection with the death of Julio Cardoza following a fight a day earlier.

Blake Jr. worked as a “council liaison” to embattled former Compton City Councilman Isaac Galvan, according to pay and city records.

The shooting was at the 13200 block of Carfax Avenue in Downey. Blake was charged with murder and also faces an allegation of personal use of a firearm, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Blake, who was in a nearby car, allegedly shot and killed Cardoza and drove away, the DA’s office said.

  • Who is your source? Everyone knows I am no fan of that chump Galvan whatsoever. However my sources say not true. Galvan was being beat down full of blood required 14+ stitches. He was attempting to leave the location ater being knocked down inside the house and with his brother in law Cardoza in hot pursuit. He knocked Galvan out once outside. Galvan was transported by ambulance with Downey police to a local hospital. The police allowed Galvan to leave as he was not under arrest. DJ Quik’s son sounds more like a Hero to me. He is sitting in his car and sees a bloody Galvan being beat unconscious. He shoots Cardoza but the alternative was a dead or badly injured former council member. Just by Cardoza’s actions you can bet he likely at least has got a violent past that will be exposed. That was a gangster style beating. I have no feelings for Galvan but concern for David Blake Jr who got caught up in something of the moment. Should he have watched Cardoza murder Galvan? Tough position to be put into. Who ever you source is isn’t to great and I’m 8k miles away..lol

  • Lucks says:

    Rest In Peace Julio.!
    Hope yu get what yu deserve

  • Robert Ray says:

    Downey PD says this is not true. No warrant exists for Galvan.

  • Pedro says:

    Hey one of Albert Robles buddies and clients. Not surpised