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Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez-Wilson Defames General Manager and Agency’s Staff


Central Basin Water District Director Leticia Vasquez.


May 9, 2022

By Brian Hews – [email protected]

Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez-Wilson (VW) will not give up trying to discredit the Commerce-based water agency she was elected to serve; the newest, and most shocking attempt hits a new low.

A video was posted by VW and her crony friend Rodolfo Cortez on April 18, 2022, and called into question the recent sale of CB’s company building in Commerce, which netted the agency $2 million.

VW was at every board meeting that discussed the building and received all the paperwork, voting no twice on items related to the sale of the building.

Despite her votes, VW and Cortez posted a video on YouTube, maliciously defaming and slandering CB GM Dr. Alex Rojas and his staff, exposing the agency to a massive defamation lawsuit.

Everyone who has seen the video and knows the circumstances surrounding the sale of the building is shaking their heads in disbelief.

Cortez starts the video, “the building has been sold and there’s a major problem. The district employee who executed the sale has refused to identify the buyer.

“Director Vasquez-Wilson called the sale an illegal activity and is calling on the community and law enforcement to investigate.”

VW is then seen on the screen with a fountain behind her sounding like she was in a bathroom; the first thirty seconds of her appearance was a campaign video.

“We’re here to call out the secret sale of the Central Basin building, very troubling very alarming, the general manager of Central Basin [Dr.] Alex Rojas has actually sold the building. The sale of the building has not been approved by the board, we were notified in January the building was sold.”

But documents obtained by HMG-CN contradict all of those allegations and, more alarming, VW was aware her statements were false.

The May 24, 2021 Board agenda contained a resolution under item 14 authorizing the sale of the building to a potential buyer. According to the minutes, VW was present and voted no on the sale, along with her crony board ally Martha Camacho-Rodriguez, but it passed by a majority vote.


Item 14 on the May 24 agenda to sell the building, with minutes showing Vasquez-Wilson present, voting no.



An escrow was opened up with a potential buyer. The buyer had 90 days to perform due diligence, then another 30 days to close escrow.

On July 19, 2022, the agent sent a letter informing CB that the escrow fell through; CB returned the deposit.

The agent’s letter was included in Rojas’ Weekly Update to the Board, which all board members receive, including VW.




Letter from Rojas to the CB Board indicating the building offer fell through with the letter from the realtor.




Despite the evidence, VW alleged on the video that “Rojas has been very secretive and refuses to provide any documentation on the sale of the building or even if it was paid for by the buyer that he claims to exist.”

Two weeks later, in Rojas’ August 6 Weekly Update, he informed the board that they would be executing the deal with the backup buyer, and the resolution would be included in the August 23 board meeting agenda for approval. VW received that update.



Item 18 on the August 23, 2021 agenda to sell the building, with minutes showing Vasquez-Wilson present and voting no.



The resolution appeared as item number 18 on the board agenda and was approved on a six to one vote. VW once again voted no.

But on the video Vasquez stated, “Since then the community has been very concerned, calling for information on the terms and sale of the building, how much, where are we moving and who is purchasing the building.”

Alleging a Brown Act violation by Rojas, VW maliciously slandered Rojas stating, “ he has failed to follow the law he has refused to make disclosures, he is a disgusting and appalling person who is totally lawless.”

After the building was sold, the board held a closed meeting and reported out all terms of the sale including the selling price.

What Was She Thinking?

VW’s unfounded allegations are, and can only be explained by the fact that her husband, Ron Wilson, is a questionable attorney who always defends his litigious wife, forgoing expensive legal fees.

Wilson constantly abuses the “special appearance” substitute in court and does not charge his wife fees.

He did that during the defamation lawsuit he lost against HMG-CN, saving over $100,000 in legal fees, a lawsuit the presiding judge slammed.

Several emails into Vasquez-Wilson and her husband remain unanswered.

See video here.


  • Brandon Niles says:

    Time to disband this circus of an agency. All they do is fight amongst each other and provide sensational journalism. People become Directors to milk the agency for a salary and health benefits. Enough is enough. Disband all “Water Basin Boards” and save taxpayers money.