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Rep. Sánchez Delivers Check for PFAS System in Pico Rivera

PICO RIVERA, like other cities, is dealing with PFAS contaminants in the water. Rep Linda Sánchez gave $2.5 million this past Wednesday for the city’s  PFAS program. With her is Pico Rivera Mayor Dr. Monica Sanchez and Councilman Gustavo Camacho. 


Staff Report

May 6, 2022~Pico Rivera’s Water Authority, like other nearby Water Agencies, is dealing with PFAS and PFOS contaminants in the water supply.

Dubbed “forever chemicals,” PFAS and PFOS chemicals have entered the City’s water system through years of industrial activity not only in the city, but in surrounding communities as well.

The City will be addressing this issue by installing filtration systems at all of its city-owned water wells.

This project is costly, however, the city has endeavored to find funding in order for this project to proceed.

Last summer, Rep. Linda  Sánchez included $2.5 million in the House’s 2022 energy and water funding bill, to help the City fund this project.

This past week, Sánchez delivered the check.

Pico Rivera Mayor Dr. Monica Sanchez told HMG-CN, “The city of Pico Rivera is committed to cleaner water for our residents. As Mayor and president of the Pico Rivera Water Authority, I’m proud to make this a priority with the support of the city council and staff. This is a very big deal for Pico Rivera.”

“We are grateful to congresswoman Linda Sanchez for all her support of the city’s efforts to improve the water quality for Pico Rivera residents,” said Councilmember Gustavo Camacho. “Despite our water meeting all federal requirements for health and safety, this $2.5 million grant will help the city’s efforts in eliminating any traces of PFAS and PFOS permanently from our water supply.”

  • rud blidge says:

    PFOS is excellent keep it going BUT we need our streets pave and pot holes filled and streets really need cleaned too much broken glass thank you Mayor DR.Monica Sanchez Rep.Linda Sanchez and Councilmember Gustavo Camacho