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Two Men Rob Cerritos’ Goody’s Donuts, Send Owner to Hospital

Goody’s donuts front entry door was shot out. Photo by Eddie Garcia.

By Brian Hews

April 8, 2022 ~ The popular Goody’s Donuts near the corner of Artesia and Carmenita in Cerritos was robbed today.

According to employees, two black man stormed the tiny shop, shot out the window, entered the store, and hit the 80-year-old owner, sending him to the hospital.

The two men then locked the other employees in the bathroom and took the money from the cash register, which was only $50 since the store hadn’t opened yet.

The men apparently got in a car and drove away.

This is a very violent crime, if anybody witnessed the incident they can call the Cerritos Sheriffs at 562-860-0044 or they can send in tips anonymously to crimestoppers.com

  • Mike Perry says:

    In spite of blacks being a very small percentage of the Cerritos population, they commit the overwhelming majority of violent crime in Cerritos (street robberies; residential burglaries)

  • Beverly Byrd says:

    I am so saddened about this. These are the most friendliest group of people. I have been going there for thirty years.Prayers going up for the older gentleman and the others. The two cooks are the sweetest people. The best donuts ever, the freshest last for several days.