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Insta Video: Student Says He Will Shoot Up Cerritos High, LASD Present Now, Sources


March 16, 2022

A high-level source in the ABC School District has told HMG-CN that there is a heavy police presence right now at Cerritos High School after a student posted a video on Instagram with a gun saying he was going to shoot up the school .

There are also rumors of a gun fight that is supposed to break out, many students reported staying home.

There has been two incidents in the past  weeks at or near Cerritos High, one HMG-CN reported on when there was a shooting across the street at Heritage Park, the other was a fight that broke out when a gang of kids ambushed a sophomore.

This is breaking news we will update when available.

March 16, 2022

Dear ABCUSD Families,

We have heard of a threat at Cerritos High School. At this time, we are working with law enforcement to investigate the credibility of the threat, and have taken steps to ensure students and staff are safe. We have increased the number of security staff on campus, and L.A. Sheriff’s deputies on-site. In addition, the school’s administration and staff are visible and vigilant as they move throughout the campus.

I can assure you that we take this matter seriously, and continue to implement various safety measures at Cerritos High School, and all of our schools, to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

I will keep you informed of any developments in this issue.


Dr. Mary Sieu



  • Ashok D Patel says:

    Does the school have metal detectors?

  • Kenji Aoki says:

    did they apprehend the kid that posted the video..?

  • Julia Moncayo says:

    “a fight that broke out when a gang of kids ambushed a sophomore.”

    It was not a fight. Using the word fight paints my son as a troublemaker, a willing participant. I assure you that he was NOT. Using the word fight also minimizes the severity of the crime, assault. The way you have reported it makes it sound like another couple of delinquent high school kids at it again. In this case, my son (a junior not sophomore) was assaulted by three individuals as he sat in his 4th period history class. The three assailants ran off campus.
    I’m sure you can find a recording of ABCUSD’s Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, in which I address the Board about safety concerns at Cerritos High School and shared details of the assault.

    I would greatly appreciate you correcting your story and reporting the assault with accurate details.

    Thank you,
    Julia Moncayo