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ABC Board Member Soo Yoo Files to Run for 67th Assembly Seat


WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? White Supremacist Van Der Mark (left) with ABC VP Soo Yoo and Trustee Mike Eugenio (r) under the Prohibition sign.


March 15, 2022

HMG-CN has learned that Board President Soo Yoo has filed to run against a host of other candidates in the 67th Assembly district.

No word if Yoo will resign her seat on the ABC Board; running for an Assembly seat can take a lot of energy and time, and Yoo owns a tutoring company in Cerritos.

Sources are telling HMG-CN that Rep. Young Kim (CA-39) could bankroll Yoo’s campaign.

Because there is no Republican primary, running for the Assembly seat will preclude Yoo from running for her ABC seat in November.

Yoo has been recently criticized for her stance on social issues that could grind on 67th constituents.

In September 2021, Yoo and ABC newbie Michael Eugenio attended a meeting with Gracey Van Der Marke, a noted white supremacist. The subject was Critical Race Theory, Yoo and Eugenio could be seen standing in front of California’s State Education Logo with a red slash through it.

The Cerritos City Council had a chance to stop the meeting but the ruling majority of Naresh Solanki, Bruce Barrows, and Chuong Vo refused to stop the meeting.



DID NOT STOP A RACIST FROM SPEAKING: (l-r) Cerritos Mayor pro tem Chuong Vo, Councilmen Naresh Solanki and Bruce Barrows were slammed by residents at a City Council meeting two nights before Van Der Mark spoke at the library. The majority could have stopped Van Der Mark from speaking but they refused to stop the event. All three have garnered thousands in donations from the Cerritos Republican Club.



Cerritos Republican Club Hosted Racist Proud Boy Supporter Gracey Van Der Mark at Cerritos Library Weeks After AAPI Beating at City Park


The actions of Yoo and the Cerritos Republican Club lead to a homophobic push at ABC.


Actions by Cerritos Republican Club and Council Lead to Homophobic Push at ABC School District





  • James says:

    What’s the point of having a freedom of speech when you are only allowed to speak what someone else decides to be appropriate. Let all speech be free speech. And let the listeners decide.