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Tips for Holding a Safe Super Bowl Party in the Midst of a Pandemic


February 7, 2022

Taking Safety Precautions Will Help You and Others to Better Protect Your Health Against the Coronavirus

 Now that the Los Angeles Rams will be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 13, at SoFi Stadium, it’s understandable that for many football fans, they will be rooting for the home team by holding or attending Super Bowl parties.

 Lost in the excitement, however, is the fact that we’re still in a pandemic, and that it is wise to take safety precautions to protect oneself against COVID-19, notes Dr. Priscilla Hanudel, an emergency medicine specialist with Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

 “Because COVID-19 and the Omicron variant still pose a threat to public health across the Southland, many people may be tempted to let their guard down as they gather to enjoy the game and social interaction,” she said. “However, that could be a costly mistake, because the coronavirus still poses a significant threat to our health, and we need to protect ourselves.”

 There are some simple, but important steps that we can take to help protect our health while still enjoying watching the big game with our friends, Dr. Hanudel says. However, going about it as if there’s no need for concern is not a wise decision.

 If you plan to host a Super Bowl party, Dr. Hanudel recommends limiting the number of attendees to no more than 10 people. It is wise to ensure that everyone attending is fully vaccinated, she said, adding if you’re unvaccinated, it’s recommended that you test negative for COVID-19 on the morning of, or just prior to, the start of the event.

It’s also recommended that everyone wear a face covering when not eating or drinking for maximum protection.

If at all possible, Dr. Hanudel recommended watching the game outdoors if a TV can be moved. If not, it’s advisable to open windows for ventilation, as the virus is airborne and is more easily transmitted indoors. Additionally, establish use single-use (disposable) utensils, plates and cups, and avoid sharing food. Also, keep hand sanitizer and paper towels around to frequently clean your hands and disinfect surfaces.

“We all want to enjoy the game, but we can do so in a way that is both fun and safe by taking precautions that better protect our health – and the health of others – during the pandemic,” Dr. Hanudel said.

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