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Long Beach YMCA Donates 55 Bikes to Third Graders at Aloha ES

Superintendent Dr. Sieu (far left) celebrates with Aloha third-grade students, 55 bikes were donated by the YMCA through the Bikes for Kids program. 


December 13, 2021

The entire third grade class at Aloha Health Medical Academy (Elementary School) received a big surprise this holiday season in the form of new bikes from the YMCA of Greater Long Beach’s Bikes for Kids program. 

All of the school’s third-graders gathered in the multi-purpose room, thinking that only winners of an essay contest would each receive a bike. The winners were announced, and a curtain was pulled down, revealing bikes for all 55 students.

 “We are so thrilled that our partners, the YMCA of Greater Long Beach, helped our students during this holiday season,” said Principal Danielle Saldavia Pouncey. “We serve a population of students and families experiencing difficult times due to the pandemic, and this is such a boost to them.”

 The Bikes for Kids program provides bikes to third-grade students across the greater Long Beach area. Schools must have at least half of their students on financial assistance to be eligible for the program. Every third-grade student receives a bike, lock, and a safety helmet. Students “compete” for a chance to win a bike by writing an essay about what they would do with a new bike.

 “The YMCA is happy to provide these amazing students with new bikes,” said Alvaro Rodriguez, Senior Director of Operations, YMCA’s Expanded Learning programs. “I know many of these students, and I’ve seen how the pandemic has impacted them and their families. I’m so proud we can share some holiday cheer with them.”

 Aloha Health Medical Academy is a magnet school located in Lakewood, California. The elementary school has been a federally designated magnet school with a health and medical theme since the 2010-2011 school year.

 “It was simply amazing to see the student’s reactions when they realized they were are getting a new bike,” said Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu. “I can’t thank the YMCA enough for helping Aloha’s third-grade students.”

  • […] Fifty-five third graders from Aloha Health Medical Academy received a fantastic surprise on Monday. The magnet school located in 11737 Street 214 collaborated with the Greater Long Beach YMCA sponsor a writing contest. Winners had to receive new bikes. However, the Bicycle program for children donated enough bicycles for each third grader to receive one. “Every third grader gets a bike, a lock and a safety helmet.” There were smiles everywhere. (The Cerritos News) […]