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Mayfair High School Principal Fired





Mark Kailiponi
November 17, 2021

The principal of Lakewood’s Mayfair High School , Mark Kailiponi, has been fired for processing donations donated to the school by a former NBA player, and parents and students are up in arms and will fight to get him back.NBA player Josh Childress donated money to upgrade the school’s weight room.

However, the Bellflower Unified School District said they were not notified and wanted the money.

Kailiponi previously confirmed with the district he would be getting the money, but BUSD Director Tracy MCSparren reportedly turned around and demanded that the district get the money directly and they decide where to go next.

Childress subsequently sent the donations to the Mayfair High School Sports Booster Club.

“The district has repeatedly mismanaged funds, so I felt that it was better to donate directly to the school,” Childress said.

Students & parents at Mayfair believe the move is unfair, and that they will continue to fight to bring Kailiponi back.

Many said they would go to the BUSD board meeting this Thursday to protest.









Mayfair HS donation sparks controversy over Bellflower Unified School’s handling of money; principal Mark Kailiponi loses job Source link Mayfair HS donation sparks controversy over Bellflower Unified School’s handling of money; principal Mark Kailiponi loses job

  • Tasha says:

    MR K MUST STAY. There are no other words to express how upset all of us are.

  • Deborah jackson says:

    They need to re- higher mr. K he’s a good man, a good person he cares about all the kids , he takes his time to talk with student and parents actually helps truly a good a beautiful heart , works very to make lives better. Thankyou Deborah Jackson

  • Yajaira Sandoval says:

    Wow isn’t karma a B sorry for my language but this principal it’s racist and he did something to my child him and the assistant principal Mr Espinoza !! The worst !! Whatever you do bad in this life you pay for it !!

  • Tina says:

    Mr. K is a great principal and a good person. He has continually worked to do what is best for all his students. Firing Mr. K is not in the best interest of the students at Mayfair High School.

  • T Schoirs says:

    Greedy district shouldn’t be able to redirect a donation to a particular school or the purpose for which it was donated. And then to fire a principal. Shows how disconnected the “administrators” are from the students, families, and even their own employees. I found this to be a common problem in Long Beach as well. This is why so many well qualified and empathetic teachers leave the profession, because their managers can no longer comprehend what is needed at the ground level. It’s like when they get promoted they forget what it was like to teach and how desperate parents and students are to get a meaningful education.