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Unconfirmed earthquake or seismic-like event in Orange County 11/15/21

November 15, 2021

By Brian Hews

Did you feel it?

Today around 8:15 a.m. South Orange County was rattled by sound and shaking. This publisher was in Laguna Beach and felt it, first it was a boom followed by quick shaking.

So far over 100 residents in Laguna Beach have reported feeling it.

Some are saying sonic boom, there is no report of an earthquake on government sites.


  • Michael Kenney says:

    All bullshit,major quake period. Shalom

  • Abelardo Rodriguez says:

    Was it like the one centered near
    Lynwood a few Sundays ago.I was in church when that happened. The chandeliers did not sway but the windows rattled. Maybe an underground exlosion. Maybe fracking.