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Former Carson Mayor Albert Robles Opinion on Texas Abortion Law

  • Karen A says:

    Love this! So true in our current environment. Funny guy but needs a couple art lessons!!

  • Vera DeWitt says:

    Great timing Mayor Robles. The Supreme court is dealing with this today. Your cartoon is right on but the artwork needs some work. LOL

  • Sylvia Robles says:

    Roe v Wade is an activist ruling by a activist court of old white men, who did not have the balls to stand up to their ridiculous females hell bent on killing innocent life.

    There is no “right to privacy” to murder.
    The “ right to privacy “ was used, at one time, to cover the bondage of women to abusive husbands.

    While, DNA was an emerging science during the Roe v Wade Decision, justices passed on debating the humanity of the fetus.

    I’m more concerned about all the “Devout Catholics “ of Hispanic descent, who buckled at the knees to appease rabid feminists, whose policies have largely made Margaret Sanger’s eugenists dreams a reality. Black genocide and brown genocide.