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Sen. Archuleta First State Senator to ‘Flip the Coin’ at Downey-Warren Football Game



October 30, 2021

Senator Bob Archuleta took part in the ceremonial coin toss before the varsity game between rivals Downey High and Warren High in front of a sold-out crowd on Downey’s home field on Friday, Oct. 29, 2021.  Senator Archuleta was the first state senator to flip the coin for this rival game. He was joined by Downey Mayor Claudia Frometa (3rd from right) Mayor Pro Tem Blanca Pacheco (far right) and Los Angeles Chargers Tight End Stephen Anderson (left). Referees used the senator’s 82nd Airborne coin. Warren defeated  Downey 26-16 to remain undefeated. 

  • David Kenney says:

    Great to see a State Senator in his communities and attending a High School football game! Being with the players, their families, other students, alumni is so refreshing after this damn pandemic.

    Great to see Bob out there with the teams. As a former member of the armed services, he is some one to admire, respect, and emulate. Great visit, great game. Thanks Senator Archuleta. Nice to see you flip a coin fair and square!!!

    Go Warren! Go Downey! Go Bob!!!