Central Basin Director Demands Retraction of Harassment Story


October 25, 2021

Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez has issued a demand for retraction letter related to a story HMG published “Entitled FOIA: Document Show Two Central Basin Directors Attempting Extortion and Harassing Employees”

The article was based on documents obtained by HMG through public records requests in which individuals involved in the Central Basin Water District have made the allegations in emails, as well as sources who contacted HMG relating to the same. GM Alex Rojas went on the record related to the $40,000 invoices and Vasquez’ phone call. Hews Media is entitled to inform the public about the opinions and observations of those who disagree with Vasquez’ decisions as an elected official; despite that, HMG-CN, in an abundance of caution, hereby retracts the article.

Her comments are below.




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