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California Will Require All Schoolchildren to Get COVID Shot

Once the vaccine is approved for kids, California will require the vaccination for schoolchildren, a plan that will require all elementary through high school students to get the shot.

  • randy says:

    The developer of mRNA, Dr. Robert Malone, clearly stated in more than one video that mRNAshots SHOULD NOT be given to anyone under 18 yes of age. Our children’s immune systems should be allowed to develop naturally as all children’s biological systems do.
    He also said long term affects have not been established, how could they, so injecting your child at such an early age could affect several of their biological systems long down the road. We adults may be long gone by then, leaving our adult children to the mercy of criminal medical authorities like Fauci and Wolensky, etc.
    I would prefer to err on the side of caution and listen to Dr. Malone than to bow to the dictates of faulty, inconclusive science and its money/control grubbing mouthpieces.