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Area Resident Caught Stealing HMG-CN Papers Off Driveways

September 24, 2021, 4:50 pm



The woman pictured was stealing HMG-CN newspapers and throwing them away in Shadow Park. The addresses were on the 12000 block of Derbyshire. She was last seen leaving Shadow Park and walking toward South Street.

No matter your view of HMG-CN, it is petty theft and harmful to HMG-CN, its employees and advertisers. There is an ULTA insert inside this week, which damages company sales in their Cerritos Towne Center location = less taxes for Cerritos General Fund.

If you recognize the woman you can email anonymously to [email protected].















  • Thomas Voth says:

    Seems to me dumping these papers on driveways of people who did not ask for them or pay for a subscription is littering. $1,000 fine per occurrence. Am I missing something?

    • Yes it is media, totally legal. ANd I like the way you just blow over that it is THEFT.
      Do you say the same thing about junk mail? You don’t ask for that too right?
      And junk mail doesn’t provide the news that I provide about the cities surrounding Cerritos and Cerritos… maybe you should try reading it, like every politician in the Los Angeles does.

      I see your last name is Vo, are you a relative of “I don’t want to be mayor” Chuong Vo?