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Apr. 18-25, 2021 Cerritos and La Mirada Crime Summaries

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BY BRIAN HEWS • May 1, 2021


The theft of catalytic converters continue to be an issue with one attempt and three stolen in Cerritos and three stolen in La Mirada.


4/17 12700 Blk. Towne Center Dr, store, perfume stolen

4/16 12700 Blk. Towne Center Dr, store, misc. items stolen both suspects


4/17 11400 Blk. South St., coffee shop at South and Gridley, stole cash.

4/18 16600 Blk. Jeanette Ave., susps attempted to steal catalytic converter (2005

4/14 12800 Blk. 166th St, business, (2) catalytic converters stolen

4/13 15900 Blk. Canyon Creek Rd.,  catalytic converter stolen


4/13 17500 Blk. Fabrica way, business, trailer not recovered.

4/16 10900 Blk. Alondra Bl.,  store, 2002 chev/express, not recovered

4/15 13200 Blk. South St.,  2006 ford/f250 stolen, not recovered


4/18 19700 Blk. Bloomfield Ave., park, pried door stole creddit cards and cash.

4/14 13200 Blk. Moore St., business, broke window, stole shoes, bong, lighter, vape pen,

4/13 15900 Blk. Studebaker Rd, coffee shop, shattered car window and stole purse

4/1213200 Blk. 166th St., park, window shattered, purse, iphone, clothes stolen.

Cerritos Part 1

Crimes up 21.5%

Part 1 crimes for the week were 33, 2021 average is 33.8, 2020 average is 27.8, an increase of 21.58%.

Miscellaneous crimes for the week were 10,  2021 average is 8.3, 2020 average is 7.8, an increase of 6.4%.

Alarm calls were 41 for the period, 2021 average is 33.3, 2020 average is 37.5, a decrease of 12%.

Calls for Service were 309 for the period, 2021 average is 257.4, 2020 average is 267.2, a decrease of 3.8%%.

These are preliminary numbes and subject to change.

La Mirada


Two suspects were detained and arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.

Two suspects were arrested for the sale of a stolen vehicle, grand theft vehicle and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Eight suspects were arrested throughout La Mirada for various warrants and narcotics violations.


An early morning door smash burglary was reported on the 14300 block of Elmcroft Dr. The exact loss is yet to be determined.


An early morning burglary was reported on the 16000 block of Alicante Rd. No loss was reported during the incident.


A daytime theft of a catalytic converter was reported on the 12700 block of Santa Gertrudes Ave.

An afternoon theft of a catalytic converter was reported on the 14700 block of Alondra Blvd.

An early morning theft of a catalytic converter was reported on the 14800 block of Neartree Rd.

A daytime theft from an unlocked vehicle was reported on the 14600 block of Rosecrans Ave.


A sedan was reported stolen on the 14100 block of Ratliffe St.

An attempted theft of a SUV was reported on the 15700 block of Imperial Hwy.

A truck was reported stolen on the 15800 block of Alicante Rd.