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EXCLUSIVE: MUSD Fires Superintendent Anthony J. Martinez

BY BRIAN HEWS • March 26, 2021

In a special meeting this week, the Montebello Unified School District Board of Trustees fired embattled MUSD Superintendent Anthony J. Martinez.

For some, the release of Martinez was overdue given his constant disdain for policy and procedure.

In mid-2018, MUSD Chief of Police Linh Dinh resigned, just a few months after Martinez was appointed Superintendent.

Under California School District Codes and MUSD policies and procedures, the MUSD Police Chief position should have been advertised and offered to “ensure a fair and transparent hiring process.”

California Government Code Section 1031 also governs all peace officer appointments in the state, mandating that candidates must possess mandatory minimum standards before they can be appointed to a peace officer position in California.

But Martinez did not think any of those standards applied to him.

Sometime after Dinh left in 2018, without a formal hiring process and absent any qualifications as a peace officer, Martinez appointed himself MUSD Chief of Police.

For weeks Martinez was walking around telling everyone he was chief, allowed to appoint himself given his superintendent position.

As soon as the MUSD Personnel Commission learned of the appointment, the commission, led by Chairperson Charlie Pell, Vice-Chair Yvette Fimbres and member Fernando Chacon called for a hearing.

HMG-LCCN obtained the June 2019 MUSD Personnel Commission hearing and order wherein the Commission slammed Martinez for violating the California Education Code, the California Merit System, the rules of the MUSD Personnel Commission, and California Government Code Section 1031 for appointing himself MUSD Chief of Police.

EXCLUSIVE: Montebello Unified Superintendent Martinez Violated California Law and Education and Government Codes


In September 2019, HMG-CN reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint against former Montebello Unified Chief Business Officer Ruben Rojas alleging fraud, misleading investigators, defrauding bond purchasers, mail fraud, and assisting the MUSD with the ongoing fraud in the sale of municipal bonds in 2016.

The SEC also filed an order against  MUSD Superintendent Martinez.

Those documents stated that, “Martinez signed one of the misleading bond offering documents, a misleading letter to LACOE, and false closing certificates that were provided to bond and disclosure counsel and the underwriters in connection with the offering.”

Martinez was ordered to “cease and desist” on any matters concerning securities and paid a $10,000 penalty.

HMG-LCCN Exposé Results in SEC Rulings Against Ruben Rojas, Montebello Unified, and Superintendent Anthony Martinez


In October 2019 HMG-CN exclusively obtained a lurid Government Code Complaint filed by Walther Medina against Martinez alleging sexual harassment, bribery, sexual assault and intimidation.

Montebello Unified Superintendent Dr. Martinez Hit With Sexual Harassment Claim by Male Adult-Ed Student



In March 2020, HMG-CN obtained financial documents that showed the Montebello Unified School District funneling thousands to the Montebello Teachers Association under a one-page lease agreement for a conference and meeting center in Montebello.

The lease did not specify what the MUSD would be using the room for, only stating “for the use of the premises.”

According to property records, the MTA owns the building which is located at 920 W. Whittier Blvd., on the corner of Whittier and 10th St.,  in Montebello.

The lease agreement was signed by MTA President Doug Patzkowski, Executive Director Kathy Schlotz and MUSD Superintendent  Martinez.


INVESTIGATION: Montebello Unified Syphoning Thousands to the Montebello Teachers Association


According to sources, the MUSD  will immediately begin a search for a new superintendent.